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  1. Hello, I'm a fairly new Autocad user, and do not work for a professional drafting company. I was wondering if there was a way to see and adjust paperspace viewports in modelspace. By adjusting viewports in modelspace I would like to be able to adjust the size of my rectangular viewport in modelspace to encompass what I want, while keeping the viewport on paperspace the same size (to encompass the entire print page). I would like my modelspace viewport to simply adjust the zoom in and zoom out of my paperspace viewport. Otherwise if there are other suggestions, I'm open to them. I'm just trying to figure out a better method than individually zooming in and zooming out and re-adjusting my paperspace viewport. Thanks
  2. Hi, I am currently doing a series of drawings with multiple viewports across the same level. To fit them all on an A1 drawing, I have to orientate the viewports in different fashion. This means that the symbols (blocks) look different depending on the viewport rotation. Is there any way to make it so blocks are displayed with a Rotation of X (say, in this case, '0') on each viewport? Thank you in advance. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated! Regards, Chris
  3. I'm creating a new project drawing and have x-ref'd my base drawing onto the sheet to be plotted. I can see the base drawing thru the viewport while in layout, but once I try and preview my plot the drawing inside the viewport is not visible. that is, I can see the preview of my sheet border & title block, but nothing within the viewport shows on the preview screen. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Hi all, Im having some problems with a file im working on. I have a file with an x-ref, when im in the model space i can see all layers i want to see, but in the viewports i created in the file i noticed that 2 layers(layers that i really need to see) dont show up. Ive checked the freeze/thaw, on/off, plot/no plot settings, layerstate, i tryed creating a new layer in the x-ref file(the parent file) and putting these things that dont show in the new layer but nothing changes. ive spent alot of time trying to figure this out but im out of ideas, ill attach two images to help you see the layer settings. Hope the images are good enough So, whats missing in the viewports is the cyan tex where it says "Klassisk sal"and some other text surrounding it and the cyan box with the text "Mko 12.002". The highlighted layers in the layer properties window are the associated with these items here is the layout, the layout is active and again the two highlighted layers are the ones associated with the objects missing can someone please help me before i go compleatly mental and put my fist through my computer screens. thx Hallur Pétursson Reykjavík, Iceland

    moving viewports

    So I have a viewport, viewing exactly what i want it to in model space but it's not where i want it in paper space. When i move the viewport entity in paper space it's changing my view in model space. How do I lock what the viewport is seeing? I've tried locking, that doesn't seem to do it. I've tried yelling at it and that's not working. I'd try beating it with a stick but I don't know if the computer could handle it:twisted:. Help is appreciated. cheers George
  6. Hello everyone, I have a viewport with two loading bays about 50m apart. I want to use a higher scale to make it more visible but wont fit on the page. I have seen this before but unsure as to how to do it, I want to put a breakline in the viewport so the scale can be bigger but have the same dimension distance. Any suggestions Thanks Sam
  7. Hi, I know that we can have precision movement within viewport using -pan. However that panning is limited to the active viewport, 1 at a time by double clicking in the viewport. Is there a way to apply -pan to a number of viewports, say I want to move all the model space irrespective of scale 300 mm to the west or 100 mm to the north in more than 1 viewport. Thanks in advance, Regards, Nicolas.
  8. Okay so I am working in paperspace with a viewport and when I created it I noticed what apeared to be a very large yellow hatch. When I selected the yellow object it turned out to be a Block created to display gas wells on my map. I then went to model space to investigate only to find that the blocks are all to the appropriate size. I checked to see if there was an annotative scale associated with the blocks and there is not. Also the scale set to the blocks are 100 in model space but for some reason in paper space, they are set to 1.00. If i try to change this scale to 100 it automaticaly corrects it to .004. What could possibly be causing this? (for whom it may concern the gas well blocks look like a circle with lines portruding from it like an abstract sun with an id number below them)
  9. I have found this point today! If I want to trunoff/on some layers in different layouts, the best way is to use "vp freeze" column in layers properties manager. This way I can manipulate layers' visibility without altering them in MS or other layouts. Left to "vp freeze" column there is "new vp freeze". I don't know what is this one? Could somebody explain it and it's usability?
  10. Hi All, I have this strange issue here. I have a zip file attached here. It has a Folder called "Files" with two files in it. One is "Sheet.dwg" another is "XRef.dwg". XRef is attached using a relative path, hence it would load for you. In the sheet file, on the Layout, there is a paper space viewport. Inside the Viewport, I want to freeze the XRef layer (A-ANNO-TEXT) of the Room tag block (which is reading 71-223). When I use "_layfrz" command in this paperspace viewport and click the block, NOTHING HAPPENS.... Could someone please help me? It is very urgent.... Files.zip
  11. Am trying to use millimeters for the first time. In model space, I set UNITS to millimeters. I draw a 5 unit line. No problem. I go to a layout tab and the viewport shows a 5" line, using a 1:1 scale. How do I make the viewport show a true 5mm line? What am I missing? If I choose inches as my units, the viewport scale is true 1:1 scale
  12. seems like an awfully simple question, but i cannot figure out how to hide the viewport from a plot? i am plotting an Arch D to PDF, and all looks good except for the viewport in the plot! TIA
  13. I just learned how to add material to objects so I am having fun with that but I was wondering if Autocad 2011 had an object library were I can add trees and bushes to make my building more realistic. If Autocad 2011 does not have a library, what is the best website where I can get 3D blocks for free. This is what I have so far, I know it is not perfect but I just finished my freshman year of college so I dont know too much yet. Also, I was wondering if it was possible to create a viewport in another window because I have two monitors and I want one for top view and the other monitor for an isometric view. Thank you! -Joseph Marquez
  14. I am so frustrated as I cannot get my dashed lines in my model space to show up dashed in my viewport. I already tried MSLTSCALE = 1 in model space and PSLTSCALE = 1 and LTSCALE = 1 in paperspace. it did not work. Anyone have any ideas?
  15. Hi folks, long time no see! I have two viewports in a layout showing 3d objects where I would like to see rendered quality when I print my dwg. How do I get this to work right? As of now the print output is not that great of quality. Shadeplot is set to 'rendered' and presentation quality for both viewports. Is there anything else I can do here to get it looking better?
  16. Hello All. In the current drawing I am working in, when I copy a viewport using CO command it copies the viewport but nothing is seen in it. You cannot active it like a normal viewport; it turns into just a square. I do not have this problem in any of my drawings, just this one. If I copy the viewport by right clicking copy with a base point then paste it in the drawing, the viewport works fine. This is more time consuming then just using the CO command. Can someone please tell me why this is happening? Thanks in advance for any help.
  17. Hi, I work at an architecture firm, in which we have many drawings, all with multiple sheets. (A1, A2, A3...etc.) I'm wondering, is there a way to lock which layers are visible based on the sheet you select? For instance, I want to prevent someone from accidentally turning on HVAC information on a plumbing plan, if they do not check which sheet they are currently working in. Is there a way to do this in a more permanent way, other than simply using the Freeze or thaw in current viewport button in the layer pulldown menu? I hope that's not too confusing. Thanks everyone!
  18. When I use the VP max command to work in model space everything works fine, but when I come back to paperspace my viewport scale has changed. It does it with locked and unlocked viewports. Has anyone experienced this and if so, is there a variable setting or fix for it. Thanks, Brad
  19. This is my first post in this forum, please be gentle. I have previously found lots of answers by searching existing threads, but I've come up empty on this issue. I design travel trailers and draw the roadside (RS) and doorside (DS) walls on different overlapping layers. Since they are exactly the same size and shape around the perimeter, overlapping them maintains continuity when I add the floor, roof and front and rear wall profiles. When I plot the drawings for production I need to mirror the DS print. Currently, I am mirroring the drawing in model space. Is there a way to mirror the layout viewport so I don't have to mirror the drawing in model space? AutoCad 2011
  20. Is there a way to prevent a viewport from showing behind an object drawn in paper space? It's not attached to the side of the title block so I can't _vpclip around it. It's floating in the lower left corner, and I don't want the contour lines on this map to show up behind it.
  21. I am having a problem when I am in ps and I go to zoom into the object to snap or to add objects (still in ps) and the image of the viewport (ms) zoom in as well which is very annoying to work around It., any idea would be appreciative
  22. My viewports wont print to the correct scale. I measure it out in paper space, and all the linework measure perfect, however, when i plot it off, its off by maybe 5 or 10 percent. This hasnt happened in other drawings. I've checked plans for other jobs. Also, i have run audit, but to no avail. I just tried copying some stuff into another drawing, but it still plots funny. i've tried to plot a portion on our smaller printer, but it still prints off. only this time, the other way, its 5 to 10% too big. has anybody ever had this problem???? Thank you so i checked more into it, and it looks like the vertical scale of the drawings is ok, but the horizontal scale is off literally 3 or 4 percent. not a whole lot i know, but still, what could cause this? can inkjet plotters be off by this much? its on a d size sheet.
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