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Found 18 results

  1. I am using AutoCAD 2006 and I created a dynamic block that has 4 attributes and 2 visibility states. Two of the attributes are visible in one state, while the other two are invisible. After toggling the visibility states, the two invisible attributes become visible, and the two visible attributes become invisible. When I insert the block, or when I use the Attribute Edit command, I only can access the attributes that are visible. The invisible-state attributes do not show up. I would like to enter all attribute infomation at one time, and then turn on/off the visibility as needed. Question: Can all of the visible and invisible attributes be inputed/edited at one time without having to change the visiblity states? Thank you for any help. Ray
  2. Hi all, It`s been a while. Does anyone have a lisp to show on a leader the visibility state of a dynamic block? Cheers
  3. I have created a dynamic block for CMU, and it works great except for one thing. Please see image below, and the attached dwg file containing the block. Goal: Remove the 'Custom' option from the Lookup drop-down. Thank you for your time, in advance! CMU_8IN.dwg
  4. Hello, I am trying to create a dynamic block that shows a spiral conveyor in several different configurations. I have text that needs to be able to be turned off and on. I had it working until I added a flip function. Now the text won't turn off and you have to select the "Angle" twice to get it to change to the next configuration. I have "LookUps" for the angle and direction, and for the text visibility. I've tried every configuration I can think of. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions? I've included the file. Spiral - 19.5'' BF Ascending.dwg
  5. Hello guys! I have a block with 6 visibility which I can change easyli with the drop-down list. It works well. But if I change the scale of the block it lose the drop-down list. In the block editor I can see the 6 different states but no drop-down list in the model space. Why? Could you help me? Do you have any ideas? thank you for the answer! T
  6. lewiem

    Visibility of planes

    Hi, Does anyone know how to turn the visibility of the planes off I tried going to object visibility put it is not any of them? thanks
  7. Hello, This is my first time here. I am working to create a dynamic block of a dresser, this is a simple drawing. the problem is that i want to change the worktop and the plinth with the visibility state. I have download a lisp from internet but as you can see in the drawing the worktop en plinth changed the whole time. i want to lock the chosen plinth and worktop. I hope that someone can help me. (PS. sorry for bad english)Dynamic kast.dwg
  8. Hi All, I'm sure this is possible but I don't even know where to start. I am happy to do some reading if someone can direct me to a tutorial or web-page that will help me... I want to toggle the visibility of certain objects based on the contents of particular attributes in my title block, for example: (simplified text program) case: title_block_attribute = DRAFT Display Draft.JPG title_block_attribute = FOR REVIEW Display Review.JPG encase; or maybe: if title_block_attribute = DRAFT then "display Draft.JPG" = 1 endif; Can anyone help me with this? I've tried Google, but I haven't even found the right search terms that yield even close to what I need! Cheers, Pawnsurfer
  9. Hi Guys, I've seen that its possible to have multiple drop-down arrows (lookup/visibility states) within 1 block. How do I do that? I am redoing my title block & would find this extremely handy for all the different options I want to select. Please let me know if you don't understand what I mean.
  10. Hey everyone, I am currently looking for a tool like the 'WIPEOUT' tool. the main difference being that i would like to wipe just 1 1or 2 layers, so that the other layers still show. Does anyone know the options for this one? tnx in advance,
  11. Hello, I found this to interesting and proven on having more than 1 Visibility Parameter. The below link redirects to a page of 2 guys work Andrey Lazebny and Nikolay Poleshchuk. http://www.private.peterlink.ru/poleshchuk/cad/2009/tainypod12e.htm Their block works perfectly, unfortunatelly I was unable to repeat their work. I can't create more than 1 Visibility Parameter on either 2007 or 2012 AutoCAD. From some reason it does not want to use the defun commands. CAD loads it with no errors, both lsp files but once I'm trying to run those commands (visibility_add or move-parameter) it just gives me Unknown Command error. I'm not good in Auto LISP, but does anyone knows how to make this piece of art to work ? Maybe it's a AutoCAD version issue, but like described earlier I was doing the test on both 2007 and 2012 ver.
  12. Hi all, I can't seem to get my visibility sets to work out. I just use the parameter set - visibility set. I create a few new visibility states such as rectangle and circle. When I switch between sets and make changes (such as deleting my circle and creating my rectangle) then switching back between visibility states, I am simply left with the rectangle on all my sets. I seem to be missing something that "locks in" my visibility sets and leave the others unmodified. I played with the architectural-imperial block template that autocad has built in it, and their visibility sets work. But I can't recreate them inside that template. Any help appreciated.
  13. I use a building key for building reference (inserted as a xref into the individual drawings) in many of my drawings. I have layers for specific areas and rooms. I turn off the layers on the appropriate drawings (if the drawing is for room 301, I make sure all other layers are off and only 301 are on). My problem come when I add a new layer to the key and since the key in xrefd into many drawings it shows up as always being on. This makes to have to go back and do a little bit of layer control each time I change the xref. Is there a way to help this? VISRETAIN=1 only keeps the layers set to last save and everything added to the xrefs are basically taken from the xref (color, visibility, etc). Is there a way to set a variable so that you have to check the new xref layers before they show up on the referenced drawing?
  14. I have a rather unusual problem. I'm using AutoCADLT2013. I have a dynamic block, with chained parameters. The block works perfectly, however, I'm expanding the contents, and trying to add more polylines to existing actions. I have the following Actions showing: Stretch, Lookup, and Visibility. All of these actions are on unchained Parameters. The 2 Actions I'm missing are Arrays, both on chained Parameters with no Grips. I've used BACTIONBAR on both Parameters (Show, then Hide, then Show again, I don't want to use Reset!), yet the Action Bars still won't show! I've been messing for nigh on 2 hours and I can't figure it out. To make things worse, I can't use the Parameter Manager, due to it disappearing when in Block Editor. I really don't want to have to start again, as it was a right pain in the rectum to get to work right. Any ideas?
  15. Hi All, I'm Autolisp beginer and first problem which I would like to solve with it is how to restore layers Visibility after Layiso command. In few steps it's looks like: 1. Before use Layiso command I'have some layers that are on others are off. 2. I'm using Layiso and makes some changes on drawning. 3. After changing I want to restor layers visibility from point 1 (before Laiso command). My idea is to use LayerState functions: layerstate-save, layerstate-delete and layerstate-restore. I have problem with using LayerState functions. I could name functions for example "Iso" and "RestoreState". LayerState name could be "XX" Program structure: Step 1 - c:Iso I'm checking if "XX" exist. If "XX" exist then using layerstate-delete I'm deleting "XX". I'm creating LayerState "XX" using layerstate-save. Step 2 (command "Layiso") Step 3 I'm doing some changes in drawing. Step 4 - c:RestoreState I'm restoring "XX" using layerstate-restore. My problem is that I don't know how to use LayerState functions. Many info I've found here: http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?39986-LayerState-Manipulation-Info.-Coding but still don't know how to for example make Layerstate "XX" using it. or don't work. How it should look like? Also I've tried to use only commands: This code don't has checking if "XX" exist but works. How to write code using LayerState functions?? Anyone can help? Sorry for my English
  16. Is it possible to use the same parameters and actions in dynamic blocks, in more than one visibility state? I have a box, and it has parameters and actions on it. I want the exact same box with the exact same parameters and actions on another layer without redrawing it, but I want to modify the box slightly. I know that this can be possible, but I just need someone to shed a little light on it for me, thanks
  17. how do i do this?

    Text Attributes dissapear after blocked

    Hey its me yet again, i have a dynamic block that took me a while to make cause it was very fiddly and time consuming. BUT i want to add some attributes to this block without having to redraw it all over again. I have been able to edit the block, put in the attributes, and dynamically stretch them. But the problem is, because i have a few visibiliy layers, it will only show up on the most recently worked-on layer, after i exit the block editor. I have used "attsync" command but doesnt do much.. please help? All I want is to add attributes to already made blocks (with visibility states) without the drama
  18. Is their a protocol for making a block with visibility states? I have not done this in a long time but I know the procedure for creating the visibility states but for some reason no matter how many times i adjust this one block i cannot get the this attribute definition to stop showing in visibility states. i have tried doing a showall and hiding this attribute manually over and over again and i cannot get the block to hold the info. it looks right in the block editor but as soon as i insert this block i can see the visibility state is not right. is their a procedure of how i set up a block like this so that the visibility states will work the way i want them too?
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