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  1. mikeschawartskof

    Xref & Main Drawing

    I'm working in between the Xref and the Main drawing, but after I was done with the first Xref I noticed in the main drawing that is missing the created layers, for that reason, the view in the main drawing was completely wrong,even the created linetype didn't load to the main drawing. I attached a screen shot of the Xref and the main drawing. working with AutoCAD 2015.
  2. bharris1987


    So I was working on a cad sheet with an xref. Basically the xref exploded by itself and copied all the lines on to the actual drawing. There are bad linetype errors everywhere, and I cant open the file without it crashing on startup at the regenerating model phase. If i xref the drawing into a new dwg all the work i had done is there and is fine and dandy... so If anyone has any suggestions on how to proceed I am all ears.
  3. Hi, I have a list of Xrefs Xref_1 Xref_2 Xref_3_ELC Xref_4_ELC Xref_........ I want to modify the list to only include items that have_ELC at the end. even better would be if i could only add Xrefs to my list that have _ELC at the end. both attempts below do not succeed. any ideas? (defun c:findxref (/ td xrf) (setq XrfM nil) (while (setq td (tblnext "BLOCK" (not td))) (and (= (logand (cdr (assoc 70 td)) 4) 4) (setq xrf (cons (strcase (cdr (assoc 2 td))) xrf)) ) ) (print xrf) ;attempt with Vl-remove (foreach n xrf (if (/= (wcmatch n "*_ELC")T) (vlremove n xrf))) ;Create new list (foreach n xrf (if (= (wcmatch n "*_ELC")T) (append n xrfm))) (print Xrf) (print Xrfm) (princ) ) Thanks
  5. I was in the middle of freezing layers within an x ref I have for this drawing and for some reason I all of a sudden cannot select anything on the Xref at all. Is this a fluke or something? I tried turning on all layers and unlocking everything but to no avail. I can't do anything with it, please help. :x:x:x
  6. I need to produce a pdf in black/white/red. To achieve this I'm using a colour ctb but changing all the viewport layer display colours to white (except the linework that I need in red) and therefore print black. The problem linework is xref and seems to be either circles, rectangle or 3D polylines, that will not change their viewport display colour even though I have actually changed them to white? They just print their original colour.
  7. We have an ongoing problem running AutocadLT2015 with Xrefs causing fatal errors accross a few computers in our office. What happens is: Error occurs after deploying an existing acad dwg into the 2015 file (which saves as 2013). Select Xref, Clip Xref, and then rotate Xreflaunches the fatal launch error 'runtime error' R6025 - pure virtual function call We have tried: Save out to a DXF file, re-launch Acad, and audit always yields 81 errors (fixed), re save as a dwg and re-launch. But the problem keeps on happening!
  8. Hello, We xref and draw in Model Space then use viewports with title blocks scaled accordingly to the LTSCALE in Paper Space (i.e. 1"=50'-0" would have a setting of LTSCALE: 600). So this happens frequently....We receive a background from architect, civil engineer, etc.. and after cleaning up the background and then setting up our drawings, thus xref in the background; the linetypes from the xref get lost (i.e. say a dashed line will show continuous). Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  9. Just like usual ran an existing and proposed ground profile for a standard road. In my base plan the SSD is 172.85' When I XREF the profile into another drawing the sight distance has changed to 2,490.22. I checked to make sure the scales are the same, they are. Any other ideas? I am really stumped on this one. As always, thanks for any and all help. Regards, Miller
  10. i've learned a few different techniques for making an affective title block but i want to weigh in on what you guys think as I have not mastered this yet. Right now i'm drawing my title block linework and permanent text in model space. then I xref that file into paper space of drawing for each layout/sheet. I use fields for the unique text on each page. I copy and paste these fields into each layout/sheet. I don't see too much of an issue here, however its a little time consuming to copy and paste these fields every time i make a new layout/sheet. Is there a simple way to insert my title block xref and insert these fields in one step? I think this is where the dwt file comes into play but i dont know. whats the difference between dwt and dwg? What if i want to shift the position of the sheet number on every page? Can we setup the title block to allow one to shift the sheet number once and apply the change to every page? Thanks for your help in advance!
  11. Hi All, As a newbie to AUTOLisp, I am trying to accomplish the following with a script/function, however I still haven't found much useful information 1. While looping through the files in the directory, check if each drawing has any xrefs attached. 2. If yes, then copy all objects from all attached xrefs to the current drawing, and detach them. If no, skip the the next drawing. (If there are xref objects that cannot be copied to the drawing (such as jpgs), then leave them as they are). 3. Save the drawing with the same file name in another folder. I know this sounds like asking someone else to do the homework for me, but any kind of help is appreciated as a lot of time has been used already googling around without much progress..... Cheers
  12. We currently run on 2007 Autocad LT (sad I know) and have a laptop with the latest Autocad. We used Trueview converter to save down files from laptop and now we cannot detach xrefs and all xrefs read as blocks in our files on 2007 Autocad LT. When we update an xref file; it does not update in other files which I'm assuming because it's a block in the original. Thanks in advance for your help!!
  13. Looking some something that will allow me to copy an xref from one drawing and paste it into another drawing while keeping the layer status from the drawing that it was copied from. When I copy and paste the an Xref into a new drawing; it converts back to the layer state that exist in the actual xref drawing itself. It would be nice if we could copy select layers from the layer dialog box and paste them back into another drawing and have them overwrite if the layer already exist. I have used layer states but it gets a little time consuming when working with drawings with over 400 layers. I have used layer states but they are a little time consuming for me. Maybe someone knows a trick to accomplish what I am looking for.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm new here & this will be my first post . I m using Autocad 2013. I am working for an Engineering office, and we use architectrural plans as Xrefs to put our stuff on top of them, Problem is that every architect uses different LTSCALE and When we Xref it it will not match our general LTS. and as a result we see the dashes as continues. which is a pain... (In our templates the LTS is set to "20", PSLTSCALE is set to "1" VISRETAIN is set to "1" ) Any change to the LTSCALE value of Xref is ignored in the host drawing ( cuz of VISRETAIN setting i guess) Can anybody help me with this please? With a command or a lisp? Tnx
  15. Hi I am relatively new to AutoCAD. I'm running into problems when I try to bring in an architects plan into my civil base plan. Only some of the lines and objects appear in my working drawing. A lot of the live layers in the architects plans do not xref into my drawing and I cannot figure out why. I've turned on all layers to no avail. -JDA
  16. Hi, I have several drawings that each include (1) a layout containing a viewport showing drainage areas & an x-referenced survey and (2) a spreadsheet with drainage calculations. Recently a problem has developed such that the x-referenced survey is not plotting correctly on the layouts that contain the spreadsheet. At first I thought it was a fluke with one drawing, but then it started happening on all my drawings, even ones that had previously plotted fine. Here are the details: 1) The x-reference plots fine in all the layouts within the drawing except the one that contains the spreadsheet. 2) The spreadsheet is put into the drawing by selecting the cells in Excel, copying, going to paperspace in Autocad, and pasting the cells in. 3) I have two methods for creating pdfs in Civil 3D 2008. First method: go to the "Adobe PDF" menu and select the "Convert to Adobe PDF" option. This method plots everything fine except the xreference. Second method: Go to "File" -> "Plot" and use the plotter "DWG to PDF.pc3". This method plots the xreference, but the text in the titleblock and the spreadsheet is all garbled and fuzzy. Any suggestions? Is there some system variable or AutoCAD setting that would cause this?
  17. hi i am cleaning up a lot of old drawings each having multiple xrefs. however all are being moved to the current xref folder on the server so the xref path is messed up. we currently utilise a 'no path' xref setting on all drawings but these older ones all have saved paths. anyone know of a quicker way to convert all xrefs to no path as it's taking me all bloody day. thanks
  18. I'm wondering about what the complications may be or things to be concerned about with regards to moving and storing xrefs that were created from outside of the company. We are in a position whereby we will receive xrefs from contractors which may be bound or unbound and our company is considering storing the unbound versions on the file server however I am concerned as to whether or not the links will be maintained if there is a move and how they should be stored. Also what particular requirements we may have to provide our contractors prior to submission for the unbound versions. I'm also concerned about whether or not there needs to be a flat folder structure with all disciplines stored in the same place. I fear that the solution of putting them on the file server may not be quite as easy as I suspect that on receipt they may be placed in differing locations of which the references would need to be redirected. Any advice is greatly appreciated
  19. Hello, I'm a fairly new AutoCAD user (AutoCAD 2012 version) so there's probably a very simple answer to this. I have a "Master" drawing with one xref inside. Im producing drawings (layouts) from this master dwg file. Im trying to freeze individual layers within the xref, I can do this by using the Layer properties manager "VP freeze" column, this is very slow. What I would like to do is select an individual layer of the xref within the viewport and freeze it using the layer dropdown list at the top, however when I click one of the layers within the xref all the layers within the xref become selected. How can I select individual layers within the xref????? Thanks
  20. I have pipes and equipment in modelspace. Walls and structural columns are XREFed in from another DWG. I want to create base + projected views in paperspace. However, the walls-and-columns drawing is 3 times the footprint of the stuff in THIS drawing: it would eat a lot of paper for no benefit. So I used XCLIP in modelspace to slice away the parts of the XREF I don't want. Then I used VIEWBASE over in paperspace. The whole (unclipped) XREF was created in the view. I know I can remove XREFs from the view with VIEWEDIT but I want to be able to measure off some of the walls; it's just that the walls are longer than I need (for this specific drawing). Does anyone have a silver-bullet solution to this? Otherwise I might be (1) going to Viewports instead or (2) slicing my building drawings into pieces. I am not too enthusiastic about either of those.
  21. I copied and pasted some xrefs into another drawing. They all show up but I am unable to select any xref except for one. I can't turn any layer off either when trying to select it or opening the layers window. They are not on locked layers and are showing up in the xref window. I’m completely lost as to what it could be.
  22. I know theres probably thousands of threads on this but I can't seem to find one that specifically deals with my situation and I'm a bit of a noob at acad. My office has content files with layer states that are xrefed into format sheets (don't ask me why we do it this but its just the way things are here), and all I am trying to do is have the layer states, which I set up in the xrefed file, be used in the format sheet file while keeping all the layers in the format sheet the way they are. Now what happens currently is that in the fromat sheet when I click the layer state tab, I can see the layer state of the xref (I can't see this in the layer state manager dialog box) and when I click one, the layers change to the appropriate xrefed layer states but turns everything else off. Yes I could just turn on all the layers I want in the format sheet but that takes a while to do and I also want to be able to keep refreshing the xrefed layer state without affecting the layers in the format sheet. So I would appreciate any help on this. Thank you!
  23. Hi, I need to change colors on a dwg file and to see them changed on Navis. Let me explain : - I'm gonna receive .dwg every weeks, same name but updated (ex : 1.dwg, 2.dwg, 3.dwg) - I'm planning to xref all the .dwg on the same drawing to change the colors I need (with Visretain : 1, I'm gonna keep the modified color) (Xref.dwg) My problem is when I append Xref.dwg, it takes the colors from the originals files (1.dwg, 2.dwg, 3.dwg). Does any of you know how to do it? Thank you Ildan
  24. Hi, I have insert an xref (an architectural plan) and set the transparency to 60 in options. Then I have insert the structural plan (actual drawings consisting of autocad objects and blocks) on top of the xref. The structural plan has layers respecting the office plot style while the architectural plan (the xref) has layers respecting the architect's plot style. The problem is that when I do the pdf while selecting plotting transparency, I do not see the xref fading behind. It seemed that the xref and the structural plans are both following exclusively the office plot style and the transparency option is not taken into account when plotting to pdf. Any help would be most welcomed. Thanks.
  25. Hi everyone. Have been out on the transit job for over a year and finally got time to convert the old primitive track line type to actual rails, ties, and clamps. But this has also added a lot of items to the base file. I opted to use it as an xref instead to improve data speed, but lately it has been taking 2+ minutes to load the file referencing the tracks as an xref. Any tips on how to make the tracks more efficient? Thanks
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