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  1. I know that in ACAD you can use the xref manager to see where the actual file for the xref resides on your computer/server/etc. What I'm curious about is whether or not the inverse action is possible. Can you somehow access the file (not the output sheet where it's being xref-ed) and see what other files are using it as an xref? I've come in on a project that is nearing completion and have been assigned the task of "cleaning up the project folder." Unfortunately, there are a ton of files in the different folders that are no longer in use on the final output sheets and I need to keep the ones still in use and archive the ones that are no longer needed. What I've been doing is going through those sheets and reviewing the xref manager for each sheet to see which files are actually put onto those sheets and making a physical checklist from which to organize my findings. Once the checklist is made, I then archive all the files that are no longer being used. Just wondering if there is a better method to this madness! Thanks for your time!
  2. I have a number of layout tabs with varying layer controls applied in multiple viewports. This layout may be made up of a number of xrefs. I end up with a lot of layers in the host drawing from the xrefs, and even after I purge the xrefs to eliminate some of the xrefs, the layers remain in the host drawing, even though they no longer exist. Is there any way to update the xref definitions to get rid of the layers without losing the layer setups I have? VISRETAIN is set to 1, and if I reset it to 0, I will lose all of the viewport controls I have put in place. Thanks for any help.
  3. Good Morning all! Xref in attached on a layer. Layer is locked. On the screen it looks faded. Is there a setting so it doesn't look faded in options or elsewhere? I have tried the Fade control under tab Display, but it is not effecting it Have a great day!
  4. I have a dwg that I'm using paperspace for text with a viewport of an xref'd 3D model, I have some mtext with background masking, using drawing background color, border offset factor of 1.2, it only masks when I hover over the text. I used Draworder and brought the mtext to the front, nothing I do works, what can the problem be? Fill is on, shademode is 2Dwireframe. I am using Acad 2011. Thanks for any help! R. L. Hamm
  5. Hey there, Version: Civil 3D 2012 and use CTBs for our plotstyles. I'm not sure how to exactly express this question so try and stick with me on it. I'm working on a fairly large project that requires an excessive amount of base drawings. We frequently will be asked to have a drawing made and issued in a morning. To make sure we can constantly throw these drawings together quickly we've setup an xref system of all our base mapping data. (I'm sure this is a common thing but its the first time I've been exposed to it). A lot of these drawings will have polylines with global widths on them. The problem with this is that global width doesn't always work so well when changing scales (we frequently bounce from 1:100 to 1:20,000) or when you just don't need the line to be so thick. Two questions: 1) Would anyone advise us to stop using global widths on lines in the base drawings and switch to a method of setting lineweights of the xref layers when you xref in a drawing. 2) We've tried what I've suggest in question one but find that it ends up rounding off the end of the lines. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I realise this was long winded and maybe a bit confusing. I'll be following the thread closely so please ask if you need any clarification. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I had to update some drawings from AutoCAD 2007 and each of these drawings has at least 7 XRef files attached to it. Each of these files have about the same number of XRef files attached to them as well. These drawings keep going this way for about 3 more layers. I copied all of the CAD files together (125 dwg files) into a new folder. I am using AutoCAD LT 2012. I opened each file to make sure each drawing is intact. Each drawing opened perfectly. However, when I saved each drawing, closed it and then opened it again to start editing things in the Current drawing, some of the XRefs were no longer attached, loaded or referenced. Every time I open a drawing now, most of the XRef files have a status of Unloaded, Unreferenced or Not Found. The Loaded and Attached XRef files change when I close the drawing and open it again. The Path is saved correctly for most of the missing XRef drawings, but when I use the drop down "Found At" field to apply the path again, it still does not find the drawings. A few of the XRef files have no path at all. I have also tried to Attach the file again instead of updating the path, but it does not create a new XRef and when I open each drawing again, the same thing happens. I have updated the path for the Unloaded XRef files and they reload successfully, but when I save and open the drawing again, they are Unloaded again or sometimes Not Found. I have gotten to the point of opening the actual drawing of the XRef and copying into my current drawing just to not deal with the issue because I have to get things done and make progress. I need a lot of help to solve this because I have 14 more floors in this building and I cannot temporarily fix each one. Thank you in advance to everyone who helps. I truly appreciate it. Have a great day.
  7. Hi All, Need some help! My problem is this; I have several production sets (Sheet Sheets) of drawings in which the referenced drawing's layers are not carrying over. To clarify; In my base file file I went through and froze out and changed the color of several layers. When I reference that drawing into my sheet sets all of the layers are turned back on and set to the original colors. I should also note that the offending referenced drawing is also an xref. It is a large architectural drawing with several dozen nested xrefs refernced into a base file in which I have inserted blocks and symbols. I've tried different VISRETAIN settings and other options. Nothing seems to work. I've also went through various forums and tutorials to try and solve the problem before I posted here. I'm at my wits end! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi Guys, OK I'm running AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 - So I've had this issue for a while - I try to XREF in a PDF an it just freezes up. The command line is stuck on _PDFATTACH and nothing happens. And it's not like it'd totally frozen either because as soon as I press escape it comes right out of it, so then I save the PDF down to a JPEG or TIFF and don't worry about it for a while. Still, it is quite annoying especially when I would like to use PDF Layers but can't. If any of you have experienced this and figured out a fix please let me know! Thanks!
  9. howitzer

    How do you do detail sheets?

    How do you do detail sheets? I do each detail as a separate drawing then x-ref each detail into a sheet file. I see many people draw details in the sheet file. For me, doing individual detail files makes redundancy easier as many details are generic and can easily be used from one project to the next. On occasions when there are slight project-specific changes, I still find it easier to take an individual file, make the changes, and save it under a new name.
  10. The original model, in shade visual style, all objects are distinct and separate objects as they should be. However, when an xref is loaded (overlay) the model (display) jumps and the objects that were distinct now appear mingled together. Also, when you hover over an object it's highlight outline does not align with the object, it is offset from it approximately the amount of the display jump. I compared display and visual style settings from other model drawings that did not have this problem but came up with nothing that helped. More than one model drawing on this particular project created by another discipline has this problem, whereas on a previous project models by another discipline never had this problem and neither do models created within my dicipline.
  11. So I am trying to make a site map for a building my buddy just bought. I found a lot map on the city's online database, cropped it to the area of his lot's block, and saved the image file. I then opened up a new autocad file and xreferenced the image. I know the front of his building on the site is 45' so I made a polyline that is the length of the facade over top of my xref image. Then I selected the image, used the scale command, selected one side of my polyline as a basepoint, used reference, entered 45' as the known length, and then selected the other end of the polyline. My image scaled but is now incredibly small. So small that the entine site isn't even 1". I keep trying but I'm doing something wrong somewhere. Can someone help me out?
  12. Hello I am new to this forum but desperately need some help. I am using Layer States Manager in CAD2010 and have run into this problem. Perhaps I have a setting wrong but I need some help. I inserted an XREF into my drawing which is using LMAN. I put the XREF on a layer that is visible for the current layer state I am in. Saved the drawing then another coworker opened it and the xref was no longer visible. Even though the layer settings show as not frozen or locked the XREF won't show. If I move it onto a layer that is showing in the layer state manager it still doesn't show. I'm not sure if this is just a glitch or if I have some some setting set incorrectly. Any help is appreciated. Also are others have problems with LMAN not working after drawings are opened by someone else in the office? Are the LMAN settings not universal? Thanks
  13. Hello helpful people. I'm having a problem I haven't encountered before. Every line I draw, no matter what layer I make current is showing up as a thick red line. It doesn't matter if the layer that is current is green or what the lineweight is. I bound an xref to my drawing; I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. For now I just use match properties after I draw my lines to get them on the layer I want.
  14. I use a building key for building reference (inserted as a xref into the individual drawings) in many of my drawings. I have layers for specific areas and rooms. I turn off the layers on the appropriate drawings (if the drawing is for room 301, I make sure all other layers are off and only 301 are on). My problem come when I add a new layer to the key and since the key in xrefd into many drawings it shows up as always being on. This makes to have to go back and do a little bit of layer control each time I change the xref. Is there a way to help this? VISRETAIN=1 only keeps the layers set to last save and everything added to the xrefs are basically taken from the xref (color, visibility, etc). Is there a way to set a variable so that you have to check the new xref layers before they show up on the referenced drawing?
  15. In Civil 3D 2012 I set up a base drawing where I insert field survey points. The points come in with appropriate feature code symbols. These symbols (power poles, hydrants, valves, manholes, etc.) will scale up or down relative to the drawing scale. If my base drawing is set at 1"=100' (thereby making my symbology 100 times bigger) and i reference it into a sheet drawing that is set up to 1"=20', how can I appropriately scale the symbology to be the right size (1"=20') in my sheet without having to change the scale in my base drawing? Is there a way to make the point symbols annotative according to the drawing it is refenced similar to pipe networks?
  16. Dear autocad users / lisp writers, Could somebody please help me. I wrote this .lisp file (defun c: x x () ; Put Xref to right layer ; edited the line, otherwise it shows a angry smiley (command "-layer" "Make" "Xref" "color" "8" "Xref" "") (command "-Xref" "Attach" "" "0,0" "1" "1" "0" "") ) In the second (command) line, i want it to attach a xref file and i want it to ask me what file i want to put in. Otherwise i'll have to write a whole lot of lisps... Is there perhaps a way to make it display the file explorer? I hope somebody can help me with this lisp. Thanks in advance. Greets, Michel
  17. Hi, Im doing a bit of drafting and i know i need to incorporate an architect's xref plan to start my drawing off. Ive successfully inserted the xref to my modelspace. All well and good.. But what now?! There are no layers on the x ref and i need to create a multi layer drawing, and i asume, ultimately switch off the xref so is no visible. So do i basically create all new layers and trace over the xref just using it as a plan? Can i snap to it ok...and how would i figure out any curved sections? Any ideas? Thanks Min
  18. Hello - I am trying to attach the client details as an xref to my title block. This is how it was done at my previous company, but I did not set that up, so I don't know how it was done. The problem is this - when I attach the xref, I cannot see it on my page in paper space. If I zoom out as far as possible, the paper layout becomes a tiny dot on the screen. When I then draw a rectangle far to the right of the paper, I see a blue glyph on my paper, so I know that the drawing is there, but I cannot see it (the drawing is inserting very far to the right). I would like to figure out how to insert my xref so that it shows up on my page. I have moved the information in the file to 0,0 and inserted at 0,0, but I keep having the same problem. Does this description make sense? Is anyone able to help? Thank you!
  19. Couldn't find an existing thread for this ... Architect sent us a floor plan. I turned off layers we don't need, such as dimensions. Print preview doesn't show those layers. When the plan plots, though, the dimensions plot too. Has anyone seen this? Architect's drawing was originally done in Revit, if that helps.
  20. For new drawings, is there a way to program Autocad to always load Xrefs relative? We pretty much use xrefs everywhere, and it seems like it would save a lot of time if I didn't have to open the External References and change each xref to relative. Also, if you have an existing drawing and need to change the xref from absolute to relative path, is there a way to have it automatically do that? I'm assuming there isn't, but thought I'd ask.
  21. Hi all first of all thanks to everyone for all the help in the past, a really cool community here, hopefully one day i have the knowlede to return the favour. maybe i could shout a six pack of ausie beer some time. I am working on a road design with a whole set of drawings that have about 10 -15 xrefs, for example pavement hatch, contours, detailed survey, cadastral, design, ret walls, drainage layout, survey ug services, tcs layouts, utilities, utilities (current theme), survey bdy, prop bdy, plan control, text notes. this is the order i need the xrefs in, but some drawings have more or less xrefs than others. can anyone suggest a way i could put these in order rather than individually picking a line from an xref and sending it to the back, over and over again? i thought maybe a table where i number the order next to the xref name. Im new to this lisp routine so please be gentle. Cheers Marcus
  22. hello, im fairly new to using Auotcad and I am having an issue with a drawing that was sent to me. All the items are on one layer and i need to seperate them, i had to xref the drawing but i opened the original to double check and even there the objects are all on the same layer. i read some other forums, and think it might have to do with binding? can someone please let me know how to fix this! thanks!
  23. I believe I have done this successfully before so I'm not sure what the problem is. Here is the situation. AutoCAD 2013 Windows XP I have a drawing (Drawing A) that contains a PDF (using PDF attach) with text over the of it. I then have this drawing Xref'd into another drawing (Drawing B) in model space. When I print this drawing (Drawing B). The text prints but the pdf does not. Any Ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Ryan
  24. Does everyone know how to insert xrefs with other ucs than world. The host drawing ucs must be in world. The different x-refs are made with different ucs according to local coordinates. In the host drawing, the xrefs must be placed correctly according to global coordinate (world). (The xrefs are all surveys of different spaces all with marked fixpoints according to the physical global coordinates.) please help...
  25. I'm quite new with the BOM thing with Autocad, though I have used xref a lot. Is there a way to create a BOM or at least a list/table of the xrefs I have attached to the drawing with the number of times used or occurrences in the drawing? The drawing I made have about 50+ xrefs and some of it is attached more than once, if i'm going to use the AMPARTREF, and made a reference on an xref, i have to input the quantity manually. Is there a way to automate this?
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