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Found 8 results

  1. For some odd reason when we use our functions keys it always repeats the previous function. If we are drawing a line and want to toggle ORTHO then change ISOPLANE, after we press F8 for ortho then press F5 to re-orient our isoplane pressing F5 actually toggles ORTHO, then when we press F8 to turn ORTHO back on it toggles F5 for re-orientation of our isoplane. So forth and so on!! So frustrating! We just switched from Autocad 2002 to Autocad 2014 and are absolutely loving it but of course are getting comfortable with our systems and are notices quirks such as this. Anybody have the same issue?
  2. aban

    Ortho with 45 degrees

    Hello, is there any way to get ortho to also include 45 degrees? I know polar tracking has the different angles, but I would need ortho to do that. If not, is there a way to make a lisp file to assign "DD" to turn that lisp file on? Please help with this because I really need this to work. Thank you!
  3. Hey y'all, most of you are already aware of this minor issue, but I've just encountered for the first time, so this is more of an exploratory post: My machine was just updated to Win10 from Vista, in which my company has us outfitted with C3D 2014. No debilitating issues thus far, which is unexpected. Before we go into this, I know it's probably nothing more than a compatibility issue with our current GPU and/or the drivers with them, as it's been happening to any other Drafter that they have outfit with Win10 recently. Now, to the issue: Every once in a while (maybe 80% of the drawings I work in), if I have any drawing command active (LINE, ARC, REC, etc.) and I try to toggle Ortho on or off using 'F8' CAD will lock up (no white screen of death, though) until I click out and back into the application window for CAD. I can toggle Ortho on/off before I enter any of the said commands just fine. 1. It's not an issue with the keybinding itself. 2. Hardware Acceleration makes no difference on or off. 3. Running CAD in compatibility mode is of no help, and actually guarantees that I get the issue every time instead of just 80% of the time, on top of making CAD sluggish. I'm not looking for the obvious solution to this issue, as so far any solutions I've read are things out of my control (updating drivers, getting a newer version of CAD). However, if there is anything anyone here knows that can alleviate this issue strictly within CAD, I'm all ears , but if nothing else I'm just kinda throwing this post into the air At the moment when this issue arises, my current workaround is to try to drill it into my head to know exactly what I need to do before I enter into a command (Which is a good practice to get the hang of.. Slowing down every once in a while lol) and toggling Ortho accordingly. Additionally, while in the command if I need to toggle Ortho I've started holding shift to toggle it that way. I've never done it like that and honestly, I didn't know that was a function. THIS method does not lock up CAD.. Probably something to do with the difference in a temporary toggle and a true toggle. Or something. I don't usually know what I'm talking about :wink:. The point of this is to throw this low-priority issue out here in hopes that MAYBE something has developed since Oct. 2016 (The last date I saw on a breif thread of this issue), but again, this is not breaking my CAD work, and I'm more curious than anything else how others would deal with this, or go about fixing it beyond the obvious software updating.. If there is at all a way.
  4. Hey everyone, I am new to drafting and been having trouble with Osnaps and Ortho clashing when i draw lines, plines, measure and etc. Pretty much anytime i type in a command, and sometimes randomly. What i mean is that whenever i press F3 which is key bound to snaps or F8 which is key bound to Ortho they scramble up. Example: Im drawing a line to the edge of another line so to keep it straight i press ortho but it turns osnaps off, so i press osnaps to turn it back on, but it than turns my ortho off. So i press osnaps again and it actually turn it back, so than i go back to pressing ortho and it turns my osnaps off again and its a big merry-go-round that takes up to 5 minutes to get correct. Sometimes i just end up closing AutoCAD completely to fix this, but after awhile it starts back up again. If anyone knows how to fix this, it would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  5. Hi, I've always used polar tracking instead of ortho mode where possible, but just recently I've noticed that it seems to be a bit 'off' when drawing verticle lines. I first noticed this issue a few days ago when I offset a horizontal line but the extreme right verticle line would not trim. When I zoomed right in, the lines were not touching. I made a few tests by drawing 6 verticle lines, 2 each at 1000, 2000 and 3000 units in length, using polar tracking of course. I looked at the co-ordinates of all the lines vertices and the X values did not match, indicating a diagonal line, albeit very slight. However, when I compared these X values I noticed that for every 1000 units the difference was between the vertices increased by 0.11 units, which seemed a bit uniform and something was at fault for these fluctuations. I also drew some lines with ortho mode activated and the lines were perfectly straight. Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas as to why this may occur? Is there a 'fix' or some things I can check? Could it be a bug (although this has never happened to me until recently)? I know the difference is negligible, but at the same time it's bugging me a little bit. Thanks in advance.
  6. I've looked everywhere to find out if there is a setting I inadvertently changed when using Rotate. Whenever I want to rotate an object, and move my mouse up, down, right, left, it not rotating in 90 increments but at 49d26'7.3" I don't know how that happened but I cannot figure out how to reset it back to normal. Does anyone have a clue? I can restart in a new template, but I'e drawn so much that when I copy and paste, it brings that setting in. It's making me crazy! Thanks for any help you can give me.
  7. If I click on an object, its nodes are highlighted. If I then click on a node (such as the end of a line), I can move that node. In this case, I drag it to the left and enter a distance (such as 1 foot), with ortho turned on. This should cause the point to move left exactly 1 foot. When I press "enter," the node moves up or down instead. It doesn't move left like it should have. I think it doesn't move *precisely* up or down, either, but goes a little to the left or right. It does, however, move the distance I typed in. Why won't the node go in the direction I want?
  8. This seems like a simple setting but I can not find it. I am working on a drawing that has been created by another firm. Due to the building not having the normal 0/90 walls they have rotated the orthographic projection to a 15 degree angle. When I try and draw a straight line in the "straight" part of the building with my ortho on, it pulls the aperture to 15 degrees. Yes, I could turn my ortho off but would prefer to toggle the angle between 15 degrees and 0/180 degrees. What is the setting to change it and how do I get there?
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