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Found 13 results

  1. RyanHarbird

    Designing wolfs head (help)

    Hello Guys Im new to sketchup and only played around with photoshop and GIMP so im new to 3D modelling and only been on the program for around 3 hours. As you may have guessed i'm still pretty bad having not had time to properly practice. Anyway I am looking to design 3 wolves heads in to a metal side case of a PC.If its possible the coloured parts would be the bits that are cut out of the case .Eventually its a project as im in to PC case modding and would like to take it to a company and get it case cut in to the side. How would I go around this and is there a tutorial that could help me that you could think of. Any help would be a benefit right now as im completely stuck. Thank you in advance Ryan
  2. hey guys i'm new with sketchup rendering. i changed the tile color and apply on wall but when i rendered it using vray... it showed me the original color of tile not the modified color. any help to fix this will be appreciated. thanks in advance!! :)sketchup you can see that 1st image is my model and 2nd image is rendered.. and the color of wall is different.
  3. I know I've seen many similar posts on this subject, but all the suggestions still haven't fixed my problem? I'm trying to import a Cad 3d drawing into Sketchup 8 Pro. The cad drawing is saved as 2007. Sketchup shows an import in progress and goes all the way 99% and then waits. I've waited and waited (over an hour), and I realize that it will never import. Any ideas why it doesn't complete? I've purged and deleted all blocks. It is a large file, but below the 15MB that Sketchup's help site recommends.
  4. Dmonheart

    Mesh to solid

    (please bear with me, this is my first post and I am very new to Autodesk products) Hello I need help with a project I am attempting to do on Inventor. I used Google Sketchup to create a model and realized that it needed to be in inventor- I exported the sketchup as an .stl and imported it into inventor. However, it imported it as a mesh instead of solid. I can't figure out how to make it solid and I need it badly. (Yes, I know, I should have thought this through before using sketchup). Any help is appreciated, thank you I am using the student license for Inventor 2014
  5. Hello! I'm completely new here, so please forgive me for possibly posting this in the wrong folder. I'm using several programs/software including so I wasn't sure where it would fit the best. I'm a Swedish student and I'm doing my college thesis at the moment. For my thesis I'm creating a garage and a visualization of the garage and its surroundings. So here's my question (which might seem a bit all over the place, but I feel lost..): How would you suggest I can "easily" create a visualization that looks good for my project? It's due in less than three weeks time. I'm thinking of using Sketchup for the environment and Revit Arch. 2014 for the garage, which needs to be more detailed, and then putting the two into Lumion 2.0. How does that sound? I'm not sure which parts are better to create in which software. Ps. I'm no Revit pro, but I do alright I'll try to attach the Google maps coordinates for the area and a sketch from Sketchup that I have done of the area. https://www.google.se/maps/@56.877091,14.807387,3a,90y,139.52h,79.76t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sUIVoFCC1formygakad_Xug!2e0 Thanks! /Mox
  6. Pablo Ferral

    Sketchup V.s CAD

    What's wrong with Sketchup anyway? I don't use Sketchup, but many of the designers at my company do. I get the impression that my colleagues think I am down on Sketchup because I am the CAD manager and I use a 'Proper' CAD package. People seem to love or hate Sketchup, but I'd like to hear some objective constructive criticism from you. What is Sketchup good for? What is it not good for? Have you managed to work Sketchup into your design to manufacture process? Great stuff, thanks in advance for your thoughts, Paul
  7. kirsten_saulez

    sketchup to v7 or v8 dgn.

    pleaaaase help!!! i am trying to import a drawing into CAD from sketchup. i have exported the drawing from sketchup as a dwg. file. when i try import it into CAD. an error msg pops up that says it is an unsupported file. only v7 and v8 dgn. files supported. I have the student version of CAD 2012. PLEASE HELP ME!!
  8. is there a way to show shadowing just like in sketchup? i.e. not through a render but directly in the model and i can adjust the date and time and the model updates instantaneously just like its show here at 1:40 currently i'm using sketchup more than autocad for this reason only and it creates problems especially when transmitting a drawing since autocad is the standard here in malta also if it exists in later versions pls explain how it is done thanks a million!!
  9. Hello, I'm the Sales Operations Manager for a Design House \ Manufacturer. We currently use AutoCAD 2011 to provide line drawings to our customers, but render requests have become more and more common. Our Marketing group employs an Artist who uses 3DS Max for renders, but our company's President does not want to distract his efforts from print and web work to work on Sales' lowly render requests. My boss has asked me to develop a "Good", "Better", and "Best" approach to customer deliverables. Good = 3D line drawing from AutoCAD Better = a SketchUp style greyscale render (with shadow) to be produced out of CAD Best = Quick 3DS Max render with color The reason why we want the SketchUp style render is because that is an industry norm for us, but we also want to limit the number platforms we're employing. We are also not interested in producing the SketchUp style render in 3DS Max because we only have budget for a network license and want to limit the amount of time people are spending in that program. 1. We just upgraded to 2011 and no one has any experience here rendering out of CAD. You'd think it'd be pretty easy to just set up a simple template that we could do this in, but we're not making quick progress. Can anyone with any experience help me develop this? Does anyone know if it already exists somewhere? I have searched, but to no avail. Thanks in advance.
  10. I only have a tiny macbook right now, and I need a more powerful desktop to run programs like AutoCAD 2011 (3d), SketchUp, CS5, and eventually Revit, and 3ds Max. I am a student, and I don't have ton of money to spend, but I do want something that will run these programs smoothly. I was thinking about building a computer, but I'm not even sure where to begin. Any suggestions as to where to look? My dad keeps telling me to just go to Best Buy, LOL
  11. I was working in AutoCAD 07 yesterday doing my hotel plans and it crashed so I opened it and recovered it and continued to work in the recovered file and even though I saved it under a new name it wont open, I cant recover, I cant open it in any other program (sketchup, covnert to PDF) It is saying drawing file is not valid, when I try insert it on a new CAD document as a dwg reference it says invalid and when I try insert it as a block it says it was created by an incompatible version of AutoCAD?! And even the previous versions I saved wont work (they were recovered too) I do have a file that works from 2 days ago but I've done about 30 hours of work since then I cant lose that work I need the plans by Monday!!! Does anyone know anything that can help me recover it!!!!! :ouch:
  12. globaldeb

    Sketchup News

    You can share any news and latest happening of Sketchup....
  13. Hello wise ones! I'm in a bind. I've got to model a set design for a theatrical performance that is to take place in the Gates Planetarium/IMAX theatre at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. They've sent me a DWG and a DXF of the inside of the planetarium, and I'm trying to import those. The DWG fails, but the DXF comes through... but only the dome! The seats and the actual theatre are getting "ignored", I think. Sketchup says: It says it "ignored 152 solids". I think the 152 solids are the ramps, seats, and theatre floor... which is what I need. Someday I'll learn Autocad... but I'm still on baby steps in Sketchup, and I have a show to model! I've uploaded the file to http://valot.com/DMNS.dxf (1.3megs) Could someone find it in their heart to check the file for me, and if there's a way to convert these "solids" to something sketchup can import, could you help me out? I hope this kind of request in these forums is okay. Please let me know if otherwise.
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