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Auto-rotating device labels

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I am using Revit 2009 and/or 2010 and trying to create device families that have device labels (similar to AutoCAD attributes) which the text would auto rotate to zero degrees as the device is inserted. For example, this would be necessary for lighting fixtures data devices, etc.


I am noticing that the "out of the box" Revit families have labels that have a fixed rotation angle, based on how the family was created originally. Therefore, when you place a wall device on a wall in a different orientation from that which the family was originally created, the text rotates with the device rather than remaining at a rotation of zero degrees.


Does anyone know of any free download-able data / voice, A/V, etc. faceplate families that have been created that may have this functionality?


Any thoughts? It is quite possible, I am missing a check box.



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