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Hi guys,


Just a quick one. I've revieved a file and has blocks in it. I want to edit some blocks to change the linetype, but it keeps on telling me

"Enter block name or [?]:

I enter ?, then *, and it gives a block but not the block that I need to edit.

If I do a list on the block, it gives a block name, but its not part of the block library.


What are some of the suggestions??



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there was a thread here a couple of days ago about anonymous blocks (tend to begin with a symbol, often *), could it be one of them?


alternatively, if your block doesn't have attributes you should be able to double click it to get into the block editor.


finally you could WBLOCK the block then edit it externally before reinserting it.

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Hi Dave


Yes it's an anonymous block, and yes I did press * with the block name, but it said that block not found. I get these all the time from other drawings, and I just explode them to get the pen weight that I want. I need to find the proper proceedure I guess so that it stays as a block instead of having to explode it everytime.



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