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Archiving completed projects.

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When we return to many projects that we have archived the drawings for, the images once on them are missing. Presumably due to the images having been moved.


Would it be wise to save these as the e-transmit .zip file or will the duplicated files take up far to much space ?


Our projects are relatively small and simple comprising off small to medium size retail outlets, with only several basic layers, plus a number of product images.


If not could somebody please direct me to an appropriate tutorial that might help with this issue.

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Kippax, seems as if I'm repeatedly reading new posts, all 'bout the same perceived problems.


Are these posts related in some way?


Yeh..... they are as it happens.....


An employer who found out that I did an AutoCAD course 3 years ago and now thinks I'm some kind of fekkin expert ..... :oops:

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