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mac mouse issues

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I'm running autocad with vmware fusion... so I have a mighty mouse---

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to scroll (side to side, up and down) with the wheel. Right now it will only zoom in and out. I've tried holding alt/option while using the wheel and that doesn't work.

Also- I'm on vista if that makes any difference.



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It's the Mighty Mouse and it's software. Windows does not see it 100%. I had a sales rep here at work that uses BootCamp on her PowerBook and her MightyMouse scrool ball does not work with AutoCAD either. Same thing happens when I used it on my PC. Apple needs to make a driver for it to use with Windows XP/Vista. As far as I can see there is no driver for windows. Much like Apple, all the spit and polish but lacking on functionally. I really like the Mighty Mouse's design but without a scroll it's little to no use to me :(

Might get one for my G4 Cube though :glare:

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