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Switch fast between Model and Layout tabs.

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Hello everybody,


I'm working on a drawing that has around the 150 layout-tabs. So switching between a specific Layout-tab and the Model-tab and back is very iritating. You need to scroll everytime through all the Layout-tabs to find the right one.


So is there a simple and fast way to switch again and again?


I'm using autocad 2009 LT


Already thanks for a answer.

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Why not skip switching to the Model tab and just enter model space from your layout? Just make sure you have locked your viewport's display before doing so.

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Tanks for your fast answer.


Yes, QVLayout works on LT, but then i see all the thumps, and that makes the list to scroll only wider. And on that scale all the drawings looks the same. Therefore i onlu use the Layout-tab names to search.

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How do i lock my viewport's?

There are several ways...


1. Mview command, lock option.

2. Select, right click, choose lock option.

3. Select, properties, choose lock option (possibly available in Quick Properties also)

4. Select, click lock icon next to scale list in status bar.

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This might help


If you type in tilemode on the command line when you are in paperspace (ti for short) and set it to 1 it will switch you to model space. Then if you reset the value to 0 when in model space it will take you back to the Layout you were last using.

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Perfect:D Thanks

Know i have to look 1 time for the Layout-tab i need and than i can switch as much as i want.

I will make a macro of it.

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