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I am a returning beginner (i.e. do you remember when classic was first published?) who needs help operating AutoCAD 2009. I am looking to build a gasket head in front and (side) section view but cannot for the life of me remember the command sequence for building the gasket and then extruding for sectional view. Help?!

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I guess we're talking 3D here.


First, your gasket must be a polyline. Holes in the gaskets are subtracted from the gasket itself (remember the Subtract command?) after each has been given height via the Extrude command (unless you're working with Regions in which case it is slightly different).


Do this in model space then go to your Layout and create the necessary views via SOLVIEW command. These views can be the normal orthographic views along with section.


After you've created all your views then you can use the SOLDRAW command to extract the 2D geometry. Easy as pie. Right.

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