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linetype and hatching issues

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Having an issue with linetypes in a drawing changing from dashed to continuous in appearance on the screen, but the layer linetype is still showing dashed and the linetype scale is set to 1. Any suggestions?


Also, I'm new to the AutoCadLT 2009 edition. I used both AutoCad R11 thru R14 years ago as well as AutoCad LT back in the late 1990's. Hatching doesn't appear to be the same as it used to be and I haven't been able to create a hatch pattern in a polyline object. Any help would be appreciated.

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for getting the linetype display correct.. read about msltscale & psltscale in help file & undestand the settings


to hatch polyline object you can choose 'selct object' option in hatch dialoguebox instead of 'pick point' option.

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It might help too if you picked up a good after-market AutoCAD reference book. Check out suggested authors in the AutoCAD FAQ section of this website.

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