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Keyboardshortcut for Command Line?

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Hey guys,


I've just started using AutoCAD (my boss wants me to), and I'm currently studying the basics and stuff in the SubscriptionCenter's Learning Center.


I already found out that I am most comfortable using the keyboard, but there's one thing bugging me... When I want to enter a command I need to click the Command Line before typing. Is there a keyboard shortcut that allows me to instantly focus on the typing area of the command line? Better still, can I assign one myself?


Thanks in advance,





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Are you sure about that? It maybe an LT thing but as far as I can remember if your focus is in the AutoCAD window, any keyboard action goes to the command line.

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I didn't notice that. My bad.

It now appears near my "crosshairs"-cursor.

I alrady read somewhere I can disable that.


Thanks for your extremely quick respons though!

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DYN = Dynamic Input.


More comfortable using the keyboard? Learn command line aliases. That's shorthand. Ex: to use the Line command just type "L". Erase becomes "E". Got it? For more information open up AutoCAD Help and search on the word aliases.

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I'm like Dave- I prefer Dynamic Input. Just a note further to Tigers point- you can remove the tooltip without disabling DYN by right clicking the DYN button and going into settings... Dynamic Prompts section... Uncheck the "Show command prompting and command input near the crosshairs" box. :geek:

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