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CADDuct worth the Money?$

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Seems that AutoCAD Plant 3D is more design specific for processing plants. AutoCAD MEP is design specific for mechanical piping, mechanical hvac, plumbing, and electrical design.


The biggest comparison at my first thought would be the catalog of content that comes with the program.

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I have been using AutoCAD MEP, Inventor, Revit, Bentley Plant AutoACAD AutoPlant, Bentley Mechanical System

AutoACAD Plant is design Piping System, it has many libraries including piping and fitting and P & IP.

AutoCAD MEP design for M & E system

Bentley AutoPlant is design piping only

Bentley Mechanical System is Design for M & E system

AutoACAD Plant and AutoPlant Bentley is the similar, but AutoACAD Plant more powerful Bentley AutoPlant.

AutoCAD MEP and Bentley Mechanical Systems is the similar

However, I think you should use Revit. Because, Revit request system is low, easier to use, more synchronous (Arch, Struc, MEP).

FIDIC are recommended.


Here are some pictures of projects I have done, Links here

I come from Vietnam, you can use to translate the language.

And hvacr.vn is we website.

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