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Etransmit creation failed!


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Hi all,

I get a pop-up in the middle of a e-transmit saying "Etransmit creation failed!". It's only happening with one file. I've done purge all, audit, rebooted computer,etc. I did the same with the attached xref. The xref are also located in other files that I have no problem with e-transmit, so I doubt their the problem.


If anyone has a clue what causes this it would be helpful.

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Are you seeing this error message?


"An error occurred attempting to create the transmittal. Please make sure the target location is writable and that the target disk has sufficient space."


If not do you see any error message? If so what is the exact wording of the message?

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So I've been toying around with other projects and moving things locally to my desktop and reassigning xrefs and what's even more strange is when I move all the files to my desktop and try to etransmit locally it still doesnt work. No dropbox references at all. Ever more, I Located another project that I have hosted on Dropbox and etransmit worked for it!


I am so confused....is it possible that my file is corrupt. Hey that reminds me to do a purge and audit!

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