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Modification of Dimension, Text, MText, Leader, ect..

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Hi y'all,


I would like to modify or replace all the original command like Text, MText, Hatch, all Dimension, Leaders, etc... is it possible to modify them so that when i type, for exemple "MT" on the command prompt, its automaticaly go on the good layers?



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Hi Benjo,


By good layers do you mean that once you create an entity it is placed on a specific layer regardless of the layer you are current on? for example current layer "test", run text command, text entity appears on "text layer"


If this is the case a reactor would be a nifty approach.



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Hi SOliver




You have 2 layer on a draw, 0 and A-ANNO-TEXT. Your current layer is 0.

What i would like to find is how to make Mtext automaticaly on A-ANNO-TEXT when i type the Mtext command on command prompt.

I have made a macro button for all this but i prefer type in the command line



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Not sure if I understand the question properly but I believe something like this is what you are looking for


(vlr-command-reactor nil '((:vlr-commandEnded . test)))
(defun test(re arg  /)
 (cond ((eq (car arg) "MTEXT")
  (setq ent(vlax-ename->vla-object(entlast)))
  (vla-put-layer ent "test")
       ;Additional conditions for different functions


Hope this helps,


Edited by SOliver
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