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I want to add a new type of pipe

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I want to add a new type of pipe to the catalog with its spesific parts and dimensions. This task seems a bit overwhelming as there are so many menus to get lost in. Can someone explain this process in a step-by-step kinda way?

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I too wish to add an additional type of PIPE. I am looking for C900 PVC I thought I would copy SDR 13.5 and modify it, but I can not seem to save it out of it's existing Catalog. When I do everything looks fine untill I add it to a Routing preference then I get an error, saying it can't find the Aecb_Segments_Round.dwg in the XML file. I opened the file and directed it to a copy of the DWG in the same folder as the Parametric part. And it still doesn't work.



I have tried to create my own pipe, However when using the Content Builder you can't select Pipe as the third and forth option under Part Configuration.


[-] Part Configureation

L[ ] Pipe001

L[ ] Pipe

L[ ] Undefined

L[ ] Undefined


I can choose from { connector, coupling, cross, elbow, endcap, lateral, offset, ptrap, takeoff, Tee, Transition, Undefined, Wye }

but no -pipe-.


If there is a better method please someone educate me. I've spent a great deal of time on this and I'm not getting anywhere. There are several pipe sizes that I need that are not in the catalog {to my knowledge} so I anticipate having to create more in the future. This is something I will need to do.


Please advise

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FOr those following,,, or those who read this in the future... this is what AutoDesk sent me.



Hi David,


Thank you for using Autodesk Product Support. This is Joshua Benoist, your case about adding sizes to DR13.5 PVC pipe segments on AutoCAD MEP 2011 is in my hands.


Good news. We have been working on your case and have an answer.


Let's start in model space.

1. Go to the Ribbon > Manage tab > MEP Content group > Content Builder.

2. At the top of the "Getting Started - Catalog Screen", find the setting for "Part Domain."

3. Set it to "Pipe."

4. Mininize the tree if not already. Expand on "Plastic - ABS - CPVC - PVC Pipe (US Imperial)."

5. Then expand on "Pipes."

6. Select on "SDR 13.5 - PVC Pipe."

7. To the right is a vertical column of icons.

8. Click on the third up from bottom "Modify Part Size."

9. The Parametric Part Wizard opens. It will have a docked palette on the left.

10. Find the row of icons at the top of the docked palette.

11. Click the second in from the left "Save Part Family As."

12. Don't just rename it! Major mistakes happen here. Give it a new Part Name, then below that, give it a new matching "Part Description." This Part Description must be renamed or else you will see duplicate names in the Routing Preferences. Now ok out. You now have a copy of the original pipe segment catalog.


We understand you want to add new sizes.

1. In the tree below, select on the heading "Size Parameters."

2. Right-click that heading > "Edit Values."

3. The first column in the table has a Row labeled "1." Select on that cell containing "1" to highlight the whole row.

4. Once the row is highlighted, you will notice the icons at the top become active.

5. Select the first icon "New." It adds a new row which represents the dimensioons needed for another size. Keep adding new rows till you have all the sizes you want.

6. We checked and there are no formula columns. So you can edit any value D1, ND1, D2, etc, except for AOD1 and AOD2 which are constants.

When you are done, click the first button at the top left to save the Pipe segment catalog. Then there is a darker gray bar above the docked palette icons. Hover your curser there and an _ and X will be revealed. To exit, click the X, it asks to save again, allow it.


Please let me know your impression on the above material and if this helps. Have a great day.

Best regards,


Joshua Benoist

Autodesk Support Team



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First, Thank you, Joshua Benoist, without your AU class, I'd be COMPLETELY Lost. 2nd, I think my biggest issue prior to your post was not regenerating the catalog, and restarting AMEP. Also, if I don't remove all the hubs/pipe from drawing after modification, any new hub/pipe is actually the old hub. If I deleted them all from the drawing and restarted AMEP then the new HUB/pipe takes effect. Once I started doing that i began to get more consistent results. Was starting to pull my hair out...


Onward and upward...

Now that the pipe has been created, I also created a hub. (See Attached) However I’m having an issue with lay length VS cut length. This pipe ships from the manufacturer at a length of 20' plus the engagement. I.E. the cut length is 240" plus the CEL. So the Lay Length of the pipe is 20'.


When I created the HUB, I made it as best i could to the MFG's spec, and set the overall length of the HUB is the spec engagement plus 1". Now when I create a Pipe Routing Preference and start laying pipe, I set my Cut Length to 240, as that is the lay length of the pipe in the field. Now when I measure from tip of HUB to tip of HUB I get 20'-1". This makes perfect since. The body of the HUB is the CELL2 plus 1". But it's wrong. SO I went back in and tried to set CEL1 to 1" in order to get the correct "20'-0". The Result when I re-lay the pipe was a no hub situation. Again, when I ran the pipe no HUBs were populated in the drawing.


I can, set the cut length to 139" and then the pipe will lay correctly, but then when I schedule my pipe in a BOM all my lengths will be off 1". This is all good and well, but tracking of which pipes i need to formulate/calculate and which not is now become an additional step. This is not clean fix and it's not intuitive. It is further exacerbated by a CAD tech working underneath me who just doesn't know. If we send out a BOM with 600 sticks of pipe we will be short 2.5 sticks.


This is not acceptable. I would much rather find a solution that allows for CEL1 + CEL2 = HUB LEGNTH, thus, no workaround at all and part performs correctly, and schedules correctly.


Please Advise



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