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Make components from multi-body part when come components are identical

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I'm having a look into dop-down design solution offered by Inventor 2010, and I have a question. I can explain it using a simple example.


Let's assume I'm building a table. It's made of table top (1 solid) and four identical round legs (4 solids). That means that ultimately there should be just two parts in the assembly - table top and leg added four times over. Here's how any sane person would model it. :D


But here's where the problems start. Using "Make components" menu I can not assign my four solids to become the same component part and be added four times to their respective places at the corners of the table top. I can only create four component parts which will have different part names and be treated as the different components despite being absolutely identical - or create an assembly with the table top and only one leg, with need to add other three manually.


If it is possible to somehow create a table with all four legs as a same component already in place? Any ideas?

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Making your table as one part, would be skipping all the features inventor gives u at disposal.

Legs and top should be imo, separate parts. The table should be an assembly of the 2 parts.

Haven't been using Inventor sinds v5 though, so i wouldn't know if other way around this is possible.



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Having not used Inventor since v.5 you're now very out of date with the recent features. There are multi-body part available now, and my question is regarding them.

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Multi-body is a good way to go.

But as you state you should only Make Components with unique parts.

You will have to add the additional instance of the single leg in the assembly.

Hopefully the method of design makes constraints easy - you might even be able to pattern the component.

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Hi there, JD is correct, and yes works for all versions where you can make multi bodied parts as far as I know. This is a very good feature and one that I have written into my Design Office procedures as it has many benefits. Remember that you can also mirror to multiple places but make sure you select "use existing part" (I think its called) so that you end up with multiple instances of the same part, not a new mirrored part.

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On 2/22/2011 at 7:27 PM, mechman said:

How is create a list of material em multi-bodyes?


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