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Properties Boxes wont work in AutoCAD

Ricardo Diez

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im running AutoCAD 2010 as part of a Inventor Package and everything was working fine until i installed the Inventor 2011 ......(it was to try to sort something else out as the new features were introduced in 2011, but because of work policy were stuck using 2010......isn't work grand)


Ive uninstalled 2011 without anything going wrong with Inventor 2010 but its AutoCAD 2010 im having trouble with


If i create anything (could be a line or dimension) and then open the properties window or quick properties what used to be there isn't.....

- in the quick properties it says it cant define anything

- in the main properties window, instead of being able to alter the scale of the line / text & adjust lengths etc, the fields have been replaced, at the bottom of the fields are UCS co-ordinates


initially i thought it was because installing 2011 has corrupted the files or done something weird and wonderful to them

so ive tried:


-Reinstalling - Without Uninstalling the original AutoCAD 2010

-Reinstalling - With Unistalling the original AutoCAD 2010


Im running a XP 64bit machine with the latest service pack


Ill get a screenshot to add tomorrow to make it clear what im on about.

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I have heard of registry cleaners causing problems with the Properties Palette. You need to go to Autodesk site and follow the instructions for doing a clean uninstall/reinstall.

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sorted now,

i had to uninstall all my autodesk products and wipe the registry cache but everything is up and running again

i try to avoid manually messing around with the registry files but i didnt have a choice this time


Many Thanks for the help

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