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How is palette size calculated?


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I've got three docked palettes on the right of my screen (Properties, Sheet Set, and Xref) and I'm trying to set their heights. If I just drag them to the size I want they do not keep this size when I re-open Autocad, or when I close all files (so that all the palettes but Sheet Set close) and then open a new one.


In either case when the UI loads again the palettes seem to negotiate amongst themselves what sizes they want to be. Once they do this they don't change again, but they won't keep the size I set.


I have tried setting the heights in CUI but the palettes either don't respond, or resize as above, sometimes even changing order, and then don't respond further. I tried setting the heights to 0, which is supposed to be "do not change" but that doesn't work either.


I tried saving my workspace after dragging them to size, but they still don't stay. If I set the heights to 0 in CUI, drag them to size, save the workspace, and then close all files and open one as above they still change size.


So how do I get them to stay? Why don't they respond to the height setting in CUI?

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Why do want to do this? Is it so important?


Do you mean the size of the buttons etc on the palette?


As far as I know it is not possible to set the height of the tab of a palette.

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@SLW210 - Yes I locked them, but that only prevents me from clicking and dragging them. It doesn't prevent them from spontaneously resizing.


@Tyke - I don't mean the size of the buttons. I mean the height of the palette. When you dock more than one they appear in a column, one above the next. I can click and drag the top or bottom of each to set how much of that column each one occupies. Its important because sometimes it will squish one palette so small that I can't see it's contents, and in general because I want them sized so that I can work most efficiently. Properties largest, with the other two smaller.

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They are already anchored right.


Here are some images to illustrate. The first image is how I want it to be set. I then locked the UI and opened CUI and set the palette heights and widths to zero, which should be "do not change." When I hit apply I get the second image:




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