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Block malfunction(s) & geometry detaching from grips afterwards

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Strange problem here in AutoCAD 2009:


  • Inserting a block mainly made up of attributes (some text, no geometry)
  • picking a point on screen (free point: no snap, no coordinate entry)
  • attdia is set to 0
  • when entering through default values at the command line the block on screen seems to be offset from my pick point (offset seems to be relative to 0,0 also)
  • if I go all the way through the block, no problems except it is kind of annoying to have the block not show up in the right place while going through the atts the first time
  • bigger problem is if I escape during the att editing and then draw any geometry that same offset referred to earlier is apparent when drawing and my grips are now detached from my geometry!!!!
  • a regen will fix the new geometry and line it back up with the grips but it shifts any existing geometry too!!!

Pretty hard to explain actually, Been looking for a solution for a couple days now, best I can tell it is some kind of coordinate problem with my blocks? UCS, ECS? Sysvar? I've run an audit on my template and the block with no errors, tried making a fresh block with same characteristics, same problem.


Help please!


Thank you!

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I have had similar issues before based on what I can understand from your post. Here are a couple things to check:


1. Make sure the insertion point in the block is not set at something arbitrary. In otherwords, open up the block editor, and move the block so that the insertion point is located at 0,0. Then type in the command "insbase" and set it to 0,0. Your insertion point of your block may not be set correctly.


2. If the above doesn't work, sometimes placing some type of geometry in a block is helpful. For this I use the "Point" command. I set the layer to a non-printable layer (like DEFPOINTS) and place a point at the insertion point location. By having some type of geometry you can then select the block even if all attributes are blank.


3. If you are using a dynamic block, make sure any stretch or move commands have all the proper elements selected (or not selected) so something isn't getting stretched by accident.


Hope this helps.



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I better clarify something quick. I mentioned to move your block contents so that the insertion point is located at 0,0. This is not actually necessary, just good practice when creating blocks the first time. You can leave the block where it's at and still reset the insertion piont reference. Just open the block editor, type "insbase", and pick the point where the insertion point should be. Again, by placing a "point" in the block, this gives you something to select when giving the insertion point reference, rather than having to type in the coordinates.


I realized that by moving the block in the block editor, you will end up moving the blocks already placed in the drawing when you close out of the block editor, sorry about that. So just keep it where it is, just relocate the "insbase" and see if that helps.

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