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I’d like to suggest an addition to the “AutoCAD Customization” sub forum.


Given the numerous languages and methods available for customization, a less specific category (Procedures and Algorithms, for instance) would allow members to pose questions that do not imply a particular format based on the post’s location.


I tend to examine posts in all categories (and I suspect many of the other programmers do as well), but this new category may promote a wider range of participation than is currently recieved by any of those existing.

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Sounds good to me SEANT. Algorithms are the starting point of all programming regardless of the programming language used. The program code just implements the algorithm.

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I think I understand where you're coming from. So this would be a forum where someone could ask, "I'd like to automate the process of calculating the length of polylines on a specific layer - how could this be done?"


In effect, it's a request for a solution to be delivered rather than learning how to go about it - is that right?

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. . . .

In effect, it's a request for a solution to be delivered rather than learning how to go about it - is that right?


Actually, it would be more like a request for a possible solution, but the solution as described conversationally (pseudo code, perhaps).


So, to expand on your scenario, and how this new category might come into play –


Someone continues: "We’re currently programming in VBA but expect to move to .NET shortly. We also have a few Mac versions of AutoCAD as well, so we may need to translate it to AutoLisp.”


Answer: “You will need to create a Selection Filter, applied to everything in Model Space that is both a Polyline and is on that specific layer. Once that Selection Set is established, iterate through all the items while keeping tally of the poly lengths.”


Another example. There is a request to process an area shared by two closed polylines. The answer could describe the manual procedures that have to be reproduced in code: “. . . . convert the poly geometry to Regions then perform a Boolean Intersect.” The reply is generic enough to apply to any language.


The reason I made this suggestion was that I didn’t want to exclude potential viewers from this post, or make links in NET, ObjectARX & VBA, The CUI, Hatches, Linetypes, Scripts & Macros , and AutoCAD General:


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