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Polylines have only one handle


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I am working in LT 2008 and the program spontaneously started making polylines with just one handle. I am picking the button on the tool panel, not doing anything different.


I am working in a complicated floor plan from a client working out square footage of various areas. When I draw a polyline in an open space I get handles at each corner, but if I trace over existing lines on locked layers there is only one handle at the start point.


I have been working on this drawing for several days and the issue just started today. Any solutions would be appreciated. Please note, I am a user of AutoCAD (15 years), not a programer so talk down to me, I won't be offended.

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Maybe you are not selecting the new pline and instead you are grabbing the locked layer. Move one of the problem plines away from other geometry and try selecting.


You can use selection cycling, see help, to make sure you are getting the new plines. Or you might change sortents to 23, type SORTENTS at the command line, enter, ....

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Command: _ai_selall Selecting objects...done.

Command: change

2 found

Specify change point or [Properties]: p

Enter property to change


ve]: e

Specify new elevation : 0


(not sure in LT working, but you can try)

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That was it! Thanks, I have never encountered anything like this before. I thought once a layer was locked it couldn't be selected. Anyway, now the mystery is solved.

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