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Don't OSNAP outside if current view ?!


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Let's say I want to move a text. I pick it up and place it somewhere. I don't want it to be snapped anywhere so I am careful that yellow OSNAP mark is not showed anywhere. I pick the destination point and text disappears! :? What happened?!


Of course... cursor was too close to some line and it was snapped to it's start point :( But the start point was outside my view, so I could not see the yellow marker.


I never want to snap to a point that is outside my view! :x


So: Is it possible to tell autocad, that it uses OSNAP only for points that are inside the current view?

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if you want when you are freestyle placing text, that you turn off osnap? just hit F3 before you start moving what ever it is and then when you done hit F3 to turn it on again. just curious what settings do you have for osnap? depending on what you have selected can make a big difference.

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