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.SAT files slowing down AutoCAD 2000


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it seems that whenever I input .SAT files into my drawing it really slows down AutoCAD. This is especially true whenever I switch views. It appears to be the regen operation. The drawing is only 10 MB. I can work in much larger drawings that are 2D and not have a problem. I've eliminated all other background tasks and processes that are eating memory.


Is there some sort of work-around/setting I can adjust to reduce quality of the 3D views in order to speed up the regen process?

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Is it just this one .sat file or any .sat files? My 2000i at home has never had a problem with .sat and I have used plenty.


What are your computer specs?

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2.8Ghz pentium cpu

2.79 GHz, 2.00 GB of RAM


Windows XP Pro 2002 service pack 3


anything else I should post? I could E-mail you the SAT file to see if your system handles it with no problems. some SAT files are no problem. It seems to depend on where I get the SAT file from I'm guessing. Like if I have to save it down using HOOPS or if it comes native in version 4.0, I'm thinking.

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2.0GB of RAM is OK for most drawings but maybe you are pushing your limit on this one.


What are the specs on your graphics card? Maybe that's where the bottleneck is.


Does your hard drive have enough free space?

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how do I find the specs on my graphics card? I have 64GB of free space on my hard drive.


Look under Device Manager > Display Adaptor to start with.

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