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Scaling Material on Objects

Joseph Marquez

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Hello my name is Joseph Marquez and I am kinda new to this, so thank you for helping me. So here is my situation:

I created objects and extruded them and then I adding materials from the Autocad 2011 material library. I added brick to a wall and I was wondering what command I would have to type in to "scale" the brick size or just have a way so that the material will appear larger on the object because the bricks are quite small.

So that's my problem and I thank you in advance.

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okay.. make sure you use the ctrl key while dragging a material onto the face so the material is added only to the selected face.

next type in the material palette right click the material and click properties from their a new tab will open beside where you can edit everything about the material

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well mapping is found by the rendering tab in 2011 and is very useful. i use the mapping to realign the map when its not placed correctly say its off by a 25 degree angle. il click mapping set it to box. and the rotate and move the gizmo that appears with it.

on the other hand if the material is placed correctly the first time. a simple trip to the selected material properties can be used to easily scale the material larger or smaller.

materials are usually suppose to be seamless in order to be applied to objects. in the material properties the size really specifies the size of each tile.


question? cant i use mapping to make the material appear only in a 2'x2' area out of a 10'x10' wall? that is what i think is possible.

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