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Reacting to Reactors


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I thinking about dabbling more into Reactors but before I plunge too deep I was wondering if someone would be able to clarify a few things for me. To help explain I will setup an example. I have a reactor set to a line, whenever the line is modified it modifies the two lines offset on each side.


With that said I would also like to have the reactor set to be persistent so when i open the drawing the next day I can still have the reactor working. I can have it do that no problem, the problem is that is the callback isn't loaded it gives warnings every time the line is modified.


So I guess the question really is, is it possible to have these warnings disabled so if I make this "magic" line then someone else opens the drawing it doesn't "slow" them down with all the warnings.:wink:


Sorry for the little novella. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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In my experience (and based on the opinions of others much wiser than I), I would suggest you avoid persistent reactors, as they can be troublesome.


Instead, I would recommend storing the data required for reactor functionality in either Entity xData or in a Drawing Dictionary, then rebuild the transcient reactor(s) upon loading the callback functions. This also provides much more flexibility should you want to send drawings to clients, and is also easier to manipulate.


However, I would also suggest having a good grasp of AutoLISP and proficiency in Visual LISP before using reactors. Reactors are considered an advanced area of Visual LISP and your code and functions need to be completely watertight to create a robust program.


Some examples:


Associative Centerlines


Object Lock

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