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Back, Front, Side and Top tutorial...

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Folks, i just want to know what book teaches how to draw back, front, side and top view of an outline of a car? The dimensions of my concept car is Length is 185.7 Height is 44.9 Width is 78.7, thanks for reading...


My advice is DONT, AutoCAD isnt the program for this


Assuming you do find direct front, side and top views (almost always at a slight angle) the perspective of the camera lens will make traces nearly useless. Compiling the traces and forming "generating curves" will be another feat then you find AutoCAD's limitations in smoothing generated surfaces. Even with perseverance, the end result is never as good as you have imagined. AutoCAD isnt the best for non-planar curves


Heres a few images showing you how I attempted such a thing




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Yes, all of those commands can be found in AutoCAD 2010.


For further information consult your User's Guide and AutoCAD Help. A good after-market AutoCAD book should cover those topics as well.

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