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polar tracking preset are all at zero now


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So i am confronted with this

All my polar tracking options are turned to Zero.


(sorry, no pic)


strangly enough its does give me one tracking option (read line) wile drawing at 5°

and when i draw a square it seems like my plane is off a bit (prolly 5°, looks like a perspective)


Tried fiddling around with the DSETTINGS command but nothing goes.


so i s my plane off, UCS off, am i a retard :)


Hopefully this is a simple answer , also i get sometimes 1 out of 10 times an innorect SNAP ( snap to a point and its off by a 0,x margin. i


Maybe this is connected?


I tried google-ing and all but nothing goes.


Hope i could get some help here, TNX.

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