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changing text style of all blocks in drawing


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Gday All

we have recently changed our standard text style from ISOCP to ARIAL NARROW.

i have a drawing with text in the blocks that is still ISOCP, i would like to know how to change all the block attributes text style in one go.

I used to know this, but have forgotten, i cant find it in help or in net searches.

perhaps someone here knows..

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One option. Edit one of the blocks using the BEDIT command. Change the text style. Save the block. Back in the drawing use the ATTSYNC command to update all other copies of the block.

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Cheers Mark

I was talking to a collegue and she vaguely remembered a command with the word global in it.

anyway, cheers for your help once again.

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You might consider changing your style names to something generic, don't include the text font name in the style name. So one of your text style names would be note-text (what ever makes sense for your work), and you could have ISOCP assigned to that style name. Later when it is decided to change fonts, you would go into style and change note-text from ISOCP font to ARIAL.

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