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angled ortho - simple?

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This seems like a simple setting but I can not find it. I am working on a drawing that has been created by another firm. Due to the building not having the normal 0/90 walls they have rotated the orthographic projection to a 15 degree angle. When I try and draw a straight line in the "straight" part of the building with my ortho on, it pulls the aperture to 15 degrees. Yes, I could turn my ortho off but would prefer to toggle the angle between 15 degrees and 0/180 degrees. What is the setting to change it and how do I get there?

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Yep! Snapang was set to 45 degrees! man, I feel like a dumb arse. Thanks for the help. It has baffled me for a few hours.


You da man alan!


Thank you,


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