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Why are my blocks not moving layers?


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I'm a college Architecture student using CAD 2011 for MAC.


I have multiple copies of a block, and when I move one copy to a layer, it doesn't seem to actually move.

For example, if I have 2 copies of block A, and move one copy from layer "Inside" to layer "Outside", then hide layer "Outside", the block I just moved doesn't hide, but everything else on layer "Outside" does hide.


When I inspect the moved block, the properties say it's on layer "Outside".

What is going on?





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There are two ways to deal with the layering of objects within blocks..


Anything on Layer 0 will take on the properties of the layer the block's inserted on (linetype, colour, etc.).


Anything put on a specific layer will keep the properties of that layer.


Which of these two methods you use (they can, of course, be used in combination) will vary based on how you expect to use the block.



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Note - If you have the objects within the block on different layers and then you 'freeze' the layer the block is on rather than turn it 'off' the objects within the block will disappear. Therefore in your original question if you were to use 'freeze' your block should disappear.

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