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Is it possible to combine autocad files ?


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I have multiple files in which i have i different drawings in autocad. Is it possible to combine all the files into one? does anyone know how to do this

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You can use either of the methods above, or you can use the "insert" command as if the other drawing were a block. If you do this, I'd recommend creating a layer for each drawing you insert and bring the other drawing in as a block. That way you can position it the way you want it, and by freezing the layer it's on, you can get it out of the way while you insert the next one if you need to. You can always explode them when you've got them arranged like you want and purge out the layers and blocks.

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Cut / Copy & Paste?

If you try this make sure the UCS, Scale and Units are the same in both drawings otherwise you will have to change them to get the drawings to line up. Personally I use XREF and then use the bind option. open the first file, type in XREF, insert the second file. Once you are happy with the position of the second file type XREF again. Right click the second file name. Select bind from the pull down menu that appears. You get 2 choices either bind or select. So far as I'm aware the only difference is how it deals with layer names. One just use the original layer names and the other adds the original file name as a prefix i.e if you have 'File 1' with a layer ' layer A', one will give you 'Layer A' and the other '$File 1$layer A'. I can't remember which is which.

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