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I have tried to search solution to this gap problem but with no success.


AutoCAD generates gaps to my drawing, sometimes there is NO gap and then it says there is when I'm selection new are to hatch (puts the red circle to old place where it didn't earlier say there is gap!). I have tried to use Gap Tolerance tool first with value of 10 but it didn't work. After that I changed it to 1000 and it worked but the hatch area wasn't good. I also tried to pull line over other and trim it, didn't work either. Used also join but it didn't work...


I have used object snap always when I drew the picture. I have zoomed as much I can and there is no gaps. I'm so confused! What to do?


Thanks in advance!




Uploaded with ImageShack.us




Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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Can you post the file to CADTutor? I and some others cannot view Imageshack from work.


Ddin't notice that my post came to here. I have been looking for this. Well, I got so hopeless so I joined all hatch areas to a one (it worked!). Here is one of the orginal pictures:


autocad ongelma.jpg

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i am new user of auto cad and some i face some problem in working. one problem is that if copy any drawings then the dimension automatically changes. please to know that thanks and Regards


Welcome to the forum . :)


maybe the use of the command dimdisassociate would help you with it . ;)


After invoking the command select the dimension to dis associate them from each other .



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Have you tried isolating layers? The fewer objects on the screen the quicker and easier hatching becomes. In my experience AutoCAD sometimes tries to follow unexpected boundary lines where things touch or overlap.

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Thank you a lot. i have tried this but this not work


Hi .


Maybe I did not understand your way of describing the issue ?


Can you explain your problem a little bit more ?


Are you from Damascus ?

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