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lsp help for saving a copy of all opened dwgs to specified folder with suffix no.++!


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hi.. need help on creating lsp that can:


> save out a copy each on all opened dwgs to specified folder with suffix increase as per existing by next number!




Currently opened dwgs:

abc.dwg , def.dwg , ghi.dwg , etc.dwg


when the command function is execute, it will create a copy each in specified folder same as the above opened filenames with a suffix added as shown below;

c:\documents & settings\user\backup\abc_1.dwg

c:\documents & settings\user\backup\def_1.dwg

c:\documents & settings\user\backup\ghi_1.dwg

if the second time of the command function is execute, it will save another copy with increment of 1 as per existing filename as shown below;

c:\documents & settings\user\backup\abc_2.dwg

c:\documents & settings\user\backup\def_2.dwg

c:\documents & settings\user\backup\ghi_2.dwg

thanks 8)


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Try something like this:


([color=BLUE]defun[/color] c:backup ( [color=BLUE]/[/color] dir dwg dfn sfn inc )

   ([color=BLUE]setq[/color] dir [color=MAROON]"C:\\YourDirectory"[/color]) [color=GREEN];; Backup Directory[/color]

   ([color=BLUE]if[/color] ([color=BLUE]vl-file-directory-p[/color] ([color=BLUE]setq[/color] dir ([color=BLUE]vl-string-right-trim[/color] [color=MAROON]"\\"[/color] ([color=BLUE]vl-string-translate[/color] [color=MAROON]"/"[/color] [color=MAROON]"\\"[/color] dir))))
       ([color=BLUE]vlax-for[/color] doc ([color=BLUE]vla-get-documents[/color] ([color=BLUE]vlax-get-acad-object[/color]))
               (   ([color=BLUE]not[/color] ([color=BLUE]eq[/color] [color=MAROON]""[/color] ([color=BLUE]setq[/color] sfn ([color=BLUE]vla-get-fullname[/color] doc))))
                   ([color=BLUE]setq[/color] dwg ([color=BLUE]vl-filename-base[/color] ([color=BLUE]vla-get-name[/color] doc))
                         inc 0
                   ([color=BLUE]while[/color] ([color=BLUE]findfile[/color] ([color=BLUE]setq[/color] dfn ([color=BLUE]strcat[/color] dir [color=MAROON]"\\"[/color] dwg [color=MAROON]"_"[/color] ([color=BLUE]itoa[/color] ([color=BLUE]setq[/color] inc ([color=BLUE]1+[/color] inc))) [color=MAROON]".dwg"[/color]))))
                   ([color=BLUE]vla-save[/color] doc)
                   ([color=BLUE]vl-file-copy[/color] sfn dfn)
       ([color=BLUE]princ[/color] [color=MAROON]"\nInvalid Backup Directory."[/color])


Change the backup directory as required.

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it works just fine, :lol:b this is one of the most good lsp i always wanted to insure my drawings safe...

but it also triggers the 'qsave' command which i prefer to switch this feature off if possible, cause

mostly i need to create a backup copy "BEFORE & after"... so if there is a field update on lastsaved, it will update automatically on the original drawings!! :(


Also the same lsp, i try to change the save file extension from ".dwg" to ".bak"

it runs/works just fine, but when i try to change the extension to ".lnk"

the created shortcut *.lnk doesn't seem to link back to the source drawing!?!


like when i try to right click to 'open file location', the created *.lnk didn't work so! :ouch:?


so if possible to switch off the 'qsave' command & also make the created *.lnk work. thanks! 8)

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