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Omit subassemblies based on condition?


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I've got an assembly of a crown road and daylight sloping running along a corridor. At one point there is a retaining wall along the shoulder which I want to daylight to (the rest of the road daylights to the original ground).


I've inserted a "LinkOffsetandSlope" subassembly that will do what I want in the area of the wall (represented by a feature line). But for areas of the road where there is no wall, it still shows a link running to the default offset. Is there any way I can make this work without making another assembly and separate region?



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Just create another Region and use the orginal road subassembly.

You can just right click the region and click "insert region" then select your stationing.

Pretty quick and easy.


Not sure that answers what you were asking?

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Yes it is, thank you.


I have a similar problem with driveways; whenever there is a driveway along my road I have to create a new region and apply a new assembly to it that accounts for the driveway. I know your method is "quick and easy" but when you have dozens of driveways along a stretch of road this gets a bit ridiculous. I guess this is the only way?

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Not a quick and easy method but as far as I know it is the only method.

Even if you create a custom subassembly you still have to have a way to tell the corridor when to start and stop that assembly.

I guess you could in theory create new points as part of your Tin to designate the Wall so that it daylights to it but that is more

work than just telling it to change at that station. Even with a long stretch of road this is still a fairly easy approach

and a common part of road design. The hardest part is just figuring out what assembly to use:D

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