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Software Crashes


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I recently installed Autodesk 3ds MAX 2012-64bit Student Version on my laptop. I got my activation codes from Autodesk and loaded them on start up. Now when the program runs it crashes after about 12-15 min. Simple commands are being used, (Setting up the views, view cube, set current view as home, etc.) When I try to use the steering wheel only a short time later the software crashes. I could use some help. Autodesk, Inc. is of little help to me because of the free software provided to students. I also have AutoCAD 2010, AutoCAD Mech. 2010, AutoCAD Elec. 2012, Inventor 2010 installed on the laptop. The others work fine.

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What happens if you do a full power off shut down, not just a re-start, and then start-up? Things tend to get left in the physical memory, and it can build up. If you've run more than one of those monster CAD programs since the last shutdown, you could be suffering from mechanized amnesia, so to speak.

4gig of memory is the recommended amount, even though MAX will run on 2 gig. If I have learned anything from drag racing, being at the recommended level of anything means you lose. Just something to think about.


Also, make sure you have changed your swapfile to a hard designation of at least 4 gig, the recommended amount. Don't let Windows decide. With a 500gig disk, I'd set it at 50gig (10%) with all that program load you have installed.


And, when did you last clean out your internet history?

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