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Set Map 3D back to default


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hey guys,


I have map 3d 2010. when i was trained on this software i used the default ribbon based work space. our boss had someone come in to the office and standardize everyones workspace, which is great, as long as i'm just doing drafting. the new way it is set up is similar to AutoCad classic. but when it comes time for me to do any sort of GIS work, i can no longer get back to the ribbon based workspace. i CAN get the ribbon to come back, but when i do, it is empty. it says "the ribbon does not currently have any tabs or panels loaded."


how can i get my default ribbon workspace back, without losing our, company standard, drafting workspace?


i realize i need to set up a new workspace, i just have no idea how to go about getting all of the ribbon tools i'm used to. (default)


any ideas?

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Welcome to CADTutor!


I'd suggest that you familiarize yourself with AutoCAD's Customization Guide, specifically the User Interface Customization section. Given your current situation, the following sections seem applicable here:



  • Understand User Interface Customization
  • Work with the Customize User Interface (CUI) Editor
  • Create and Manage Customization Files
  • Customize User Interface Elements
  • Customize Workspaces
  • Transfer and Migrate Customization

Separately, sometimes Enterprise standardization simply unloads what we previously had, without deleting these files, sometimes not. *IF* you already had the workspace you're wanting stored in a CUI(x) file that is not currently loaded, and that file is still accessible, try using the CUI Editor's Transfer Tab to bring the desired workspace into your current Main CUI(x) file?




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