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command sugestions list/dropdown gone?

J maison

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the list that normally droped down when I started typing a command has gone from a newer verson I installed? anyone know were I go to get it back?

It's been a while since I used cad and I've forggoten so much that it would be very helpful to get the drop down when I type "f" for instance the list would show up by my mouse with Fillet and of commands starting with the letter f.

thank you

J Maison

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thanks that explains everything! i took a corse & was told 2012 and 2010 were almost identicle, didn't think it wouldn't be there. That sucks as I really liked that feature specially when starting out as it's a great refresher/guide.

oh well I'll have to do without! J.

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As others have said, Autocomplete is new to 2012, but you can still get similar results in older versions by typing a few letters, then using the TAB key to cycle through a list commands that begin with what you typed. When the right command is displayed, just hit

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