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Program Freezes When "Executing Create Grill Feature."


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Hi everyone! I'm designing a computer case for fun and at a VERY beginner level and have not run in to too many problems so far, however, now I'm having some kind of rendering problem!


I designed 4 identical fan grills using lines and the pattern function. I already created a grill out of one of them, but when I try to do another one, the program just says "Executing Create Grill Feature" and the cursor turns into the Windows loading cursor. If I click on the program, it says it's not responding.


Is it freezing? My computer is plenty fast enough to render even advanced 3D models so I'm not sure what the issue is. I can attach the file upon request.


Thanks is advance for any input! :)

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I managed to get them to render after all! It just took a long long time... (roughly 15 hours!) Also, I don't quite understand the uploading process here.

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Find the red End of Part marker in your feature browser.

Drag the red EOP to the top of the feature tree hiding all features in the browser.

Save the file with the EOP in a rolled up state.

In Windows Explorer right click on the filename and select Send to Compressed (zipped) Folder.

Attach the resulting *.zip file here.


Of course 15 hours is too long. 15 minutes is too long. 1.5 minutes is too long.

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Oh okay I get it now! However, when the EOP is dragged to the top hiding everything AND zipped, it's still 631KB!

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