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Trouble making a PDF

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Please take a look at this sample drawing for me its fine to view in autocad, but most of the sockets etc are what i called washed out and in a very light grey colour, now if i try to make a PDF of this drawing they will not show up in the pdf they just disappear, can anyone explain why this is as no matter what i try i cant figure it out at all, I wont be back in the office until Monday so forgive me if i dont say thanks right away


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Typically, we don't all use newer versions of AutoCAD.


When working, I always save as vs. 2000 by request.


We users, 2007, 2005, 2000, can't open drawing *.dwg files saved in the newer, '08 - '09 versions.


Might be a good idea to post *.dwg files in vs. 2000?

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Does setting to monochrome work, I have had this issue before and this did fix as other poster mentioned. If its not this then its that you likely have pen widths set way to thin but I would try monochrome first. See attachment


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Thanks everyone yes using the monochrome ctb. did correct the problem, as I only ever modify drawings can I ask one more question about this ?, Is it possible to change the parts that don't print pen widths, within a drawing once they are set up ?


BTW sry Tankman I wasnt aware that you cant open DWG in older cad versions I will try to remember next time

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Actually, you can open newer versions of AutoCAD using "DWG gateway".


I'm new to CAD myself, so I'm not sure if it was a special download or not (the computer I'm using was someone else's who knew much more about what they were doing than I). It was on my top menu bar when I aquired this computer.


I was able to open sparkyuk's file with my OLD AutoCAD 2000 Version, and I have been able to open other files sent to me from clients, etc. I've never tried to save them in newer versions, but a button to do so is also part of the "DWG gateway".


I hope this helps someone. Many of you have been much help to me. =)

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