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using royalty free images

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After creating a 3d model and uv'ing it. I create a custom texture in Photoshop. 99.9 percent of the time I use 1 texture map but sometimes added in textures for opacity or bump. The point is I use a custom created texture/image that will never be tilable and would be hard for others to use on their project but not impossible. Actually I have no problem with others using any texture I create because some of the texures in a single image may contain parts of royalty free images I found on the internet.


The other day I got into an argument with someone who creates 3d models and knows little about uv mapping. They take faces of their model and apply royal free textures across those faces and adjust as needed. Hence they use tilable (128 x 128, 256 x 256, 512 x 512...etc) that someone else created and offered royalty free. So they have 1 object and maybe 2 - 10 images on a single model. They offer those models up for sale and want to claim that any use of model OR images is illegal to anyone else. They claimed that another beginning modeler took a texture they applied to one of their models and renamed it.


My argument with them was that IF they use square images that they downloaded off the internet then they have no claim to ownership.


Any thoughts on this?

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Agreed.. What about the textures and maps that come with the programs as well. They use them, and no company is suing them for using them. If they have created them from scratch then I can see their point not wanting anyone to use them, but they either grab a texture or multiple textures that someone else owns and create their own from that. Technically it is not theirs to claim royalties. If they use a camera and create an image and use no other images than the ones they have created in their entirety, then so be it and they have every right to claim royalties. I would not worry about it myself, and how are you going to copyright it anyway?.. Just my 2 cents..


I am with you on this one.... BOLLOCKS, they should get a life.. :P

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I like 3D too and i just sahre my textures library.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10208658209801683&set=a.1017926137439.2003083.1503692365&type=3&theater

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Nice. So, what textures did you create that were used in the above image? And what advice can you give to those who might be new to 3ds Max when it comes to creating and applying textures?

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