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Not seeing all layers from X-ref in viewports


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Hi all,


Im having some problems with a file im working on. I have a file with an x-ref, when im in the model space i can see all layers i want to see, but in the viewports i created in the file i noticed that 2 layers(layers that i really need to see) dont show up. Ive checked the freeze/thaw, on/off, plot/no plot settings, layerstate, i tryed creating a new layer in the x-ref file(the parent file) and putting these things that dont show in the new layer but nothing changes. ive spent alot of time trying to figure this out but im out of ideas, ill attach two images to help you see the layer settings. Hope the images are good enough





So, whats missing in the viewports is the cyan tex where it says "Klassisk sal"and some other text surrounding it and the cyan box with the text "Mko 12.002". The highlighted layers in the layer properties window are the associated with these items



here is the layout, the layout is active and again the two highlighted layers are the ones associated with the objects missing



can someone please help me before i go compleatly mental and put my fist through my computer screens.



Hallur Pétursson

Reykjavík, Iceland

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Have you also checked in the paperspace viewports themselves, to ensure that those layers are not VIEWPORT FROZEN, or NEWVP FROZEN?

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DADGAD Youre a genius!!!! it was the "Annoallvisible" thing.

Thank you so very much

Cool heads prevail.

It was just a lucky guess, as I do not use annotative objects in my own work. Glad it worked out, there were only a few things it could have been.

If you type SYSVDLG in your commandline it will call up all of the system variables in the program, explain their uses and available options, identify the default setting and advise as to your current setting.

I strongly suggest that whenever you have extra time on your hands you browse through these variables, you will likely learn a great deal about the program, and probably fine tune a few settings, of which you were not previously aware. Be sure to take some notes describing any changes you make to your system variables, in case you later want to reverse them to their previous values. It is an easy place to start diagnosing issues, as in your case I just jumped to any system variables beginning with ANNO, and quickly found the answer. :)

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