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LTS Scale of dashed lines

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We use a specific program for our line of work (KCL) in which the blocks of equipment we bring into autocad dashed lines only show up with an LTS scale of 10. By doing this I can never get our regular dashed or hidden lines to show up at that scale so I have to adjust the properties of each line to .025 or something like that for it to read. Is there something globally to change to make this work better?


Also, does PSLTSCALE have anything to do with it? What should this be set to?


Thanks for all your help!

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I tend to keep the LTSCALE setting at .5 and use the Current Annotation Scaling for Modelspace. MSLTSCALE must be set to 1 for this to work correctly. In layman's terms, MSLTSCALE and CANNOSCALE calculates what the scaling factor of the linetype attributes (eg: the dashes, dots, etc) in Modelspace if they were plotted to the scale you chose. It keeps you from always switching to a Paperspace Layout to see if the dashes, etc, are showing properly.

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I recommend leaving LTSCALE at 1 and using PSLTSCALE to automatcally scale your line types to your view port.


Suggested values:










I wrote a comparision of the different ways to scale linetype here:



Be careful to make sure that you are using the right line type with the right template (Metric or Imperial).


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