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AutoCAD 2009 cannot install but "Already Installed"


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Hi all :)

this is a basic thing

I need a help , my computer can't install Autodesk AutoCAD Map 2009. I tried several times with another Master Instalation of autoCAD 2009 but the result is nothing.






it is explain that CAD 2009 is already installed

but when I check Control Panel to remove this, it doesn't exist !







I check C:/Program Files, it doesn't exist too :(






I check Services in Administrative tool, it is same





I think that somethink missing in the Registry, so I tried to install CCleaner, cleaning unused or invalid registry

because I hope it could be clean the registry of CAD 2009, but it doesn't work





maybe someone can help me :) or somethink wrong in my way :D





Anak Kampung

Child from Isolated Village

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Did you create a RESTORE point prior to loading either program the first time?


hmm, i dont know about restore point..

how to do that?

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That does not bode well when you say you don't know about Restore points.


What version of Windows are you running? Vista, XP, other?


Maybe you'll get lucky and find that there is a Restore point that Windows created automatically that predates when you loaded your software in which case you might be able to restore your system's Registry. Maybe.


Where did you get your software?

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oh, you mean System Restore?

taking back the computer system to the past...


FYI, I'm using Windows Server 2003 and the computer is a server for another client computers


I got my software friend by friend, it is crack version :D

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I got my software friend by friend, it is crack version :D


Now that is not going to get you any friends here. This forum does not condone the use of cracked software.

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A crack version? And you're proud of that?


Now I know what the problem is. Sorry, I can no longer assist you with this matter.

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