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How do I draw a line that STARTS at a perpendicular angle to another line

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Start Line command, type PER, enter, pick line, move cursor, pick again.


This is for starting at an endpoint and perpendicular but this will work for you also.


Draw a line perpendicular to the endpoint of a line.


1. OTRACKING on,OSNAP endp and perp set, POLAR on, start line command,

acquire end point, move 90 degrees in direction you want, type the

value or pick, pick the point you first acquired.


2. Rotate the UCS with the OBject option, and draw away. I have this

automated with UO as my quick keys (UCS, OBject), and to go back I use

UW (UCS, World).


3. With POLAR set to Relative to last point, start the line command,

use an osnap, pick the line, move 90 degrees in the direction you

want to draw and enter

the value or pick.


4. Rotate the crosshairs with snap, rotate, pick two points on the

line, ... This is also easily automated with a lisp so you can pick

the line and have the crosshairs rotate.


I am sure there are others.

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Edit: Removed.... 100% similar to rkent idea (see first line of his post)

Damn.. this is second time last week when it happens to me... I should start reading other`s posts :(

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