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I've just tried viewing my .cuix file in notepad to see if I could manually edit it and while doing so I inadvertantly left the 'Always use the selected program to open this kind of file' checkbox. I then associated it with AutoCAD, but since checking with a colleague, it seems it should be associated with an 'Unknown Program'.


While AutoCAD launches with my customisation as it should be, I just wondered if this association will cause any issues in the future? Either way, I would still like to return it to it's original state, so is there any way I can do this, either through windows (no luck so far from Control Panel apps) or by using regedit?


Im using AutoCADLT2011 on Windows Vista.




PS. Just saw I posted this in the wrong forum. Sorry, perhaps a moderator can move it?

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Is this the first time you made edits to your CUIx?


Why didn't you make a backup copy (as recommended) before editing the file?

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As long as the only thing you changed accidentally is the application associated in system for opening CUIX type files, you have nothing to worry about. AutoCAD will not use that setting to access his own files.

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I don't think there's any automated way to disassociate a filetype from all programs, but neither is there any harm in leaving the cuix associated with AutoCAD (or notepad). I wouldn't worry about it.

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Ok, thanks all for your replies.


@ ReMark

No, this is not the first time I've made edits to my CUIx and there was already a backup generated by AutoCAD. However, the backup also changed it's association due to it also being a .cuix file (acadlt.bak.cuix), which I only found out after displaying known filetypes. It wouldn't matter either way as it's the file association that is the problem, not the contents of the file or the file itself. Even changing an 'acadlt.bak' file to .cuix would have still presented me with the same issue. Anyway, I doubt I would have created a backup even if one didn't exist as I was only making very minor tweaks, nor did I envisage this silly error happening. I'm not used to this checkbox being active by default. I guess we learn from our mistakes.

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