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3D workspace and editing


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Hi everyone, last time I used AutoCad was back in 2009, and I am having trouble remembering/ finding a few things in my 2011 version; I could use your help please. First I am still editing my 3D objects in the 2d workspace, how do I switch to the 3D workspace (with the white background)? Also, I made 3D rectangles with lines and converted them to blocks so I could name them specific things and I am having trouble chamfering or filleting the edges? Am I missing a step or something? Thank you!

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You can't fillet/chamfer a box of 3D lines. The box would have to be a 3D solid 1st. I would make the box how I wanted it before making it a block but you can always edit a block by double clicking on it. What workspace are you using? Look for a little cog down in the lower right hand side. Here you can change your workspace. More answers will come some might be better, hang in there.

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You cannot extrude a block.


Draw your rectangles with lines, polylines or even 3Dpolylines for that matter and either use the EXTRUDE or PRESSPULL command to give them a height. It might be helpful to switch to one of the isometric views to see the results.


BTW...extrude a line and you'll get a Surface. Use the PressPull command on a box created with lines and you'll get a solid.

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