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New user, unable to post in the " Drawing Management & Output" section


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Title says it all really, trying to get a complex problem solved, that seemed like the right forum to use . . . but it won't let me post a new thread in there.

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Error given on that forum is:


"In an effort to stamp out forum SPAM only members with 9 posts or more can post website links or email addresses."


Odd error, since the body and topic of my attempted post contains no links, addresses of any kind, etc.

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Ah hah - nevermind - er, actually the forum dev's / admins might want to know about a bug in your filter.


I had referenced Microsofts dot NET framework in the body of the message, and the forum filters caught that as a link - which triggered your anti-spam measures.


To repro the forum problem, simply type -somewhere, anywhere - in the body of the text for a new user posting to any forum the phrase Net . . .


Cheers! :)

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